I Can Has Cheezburger?

Devising Caturday Schemes For The Supreme Cat Regime

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    Product - MATTY! BŁM! @HYPEBEASTD4N Girlfriend had surgery at the hospital today and instead of her telling me that she's alive and okay she sends this instead There's a cat in the hospital matthew Yes I know you've told me that's awesome Read 11:20 Are you okay???? Read 11:17 Cat in da hospital

    We cannot fault your girlfriend for having her priorities straight. We would also first and foremost be talking about the cat that we saw in the hospital, same as we would be talking about any cat we saw ever. We don't see the problem with this. This is purrfectly normal cat person behavior smh. 

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    Cat - Instead of spelling your name wrong she just knocks your drink off the counter.

    Oh, the number of times we have thought about doing that exact same thing when someone was annoying us as we were serving them. Really, being a cat is a privilege. Everyone simply expects you to be a jerk. There must be liberty in that. Yet another reason to want to be a cat *sigh*.

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    Forehead - When your sibling calls your pet but it stays with you:
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    Cat - "A 45 minute nap should set me straight" 4 hours later:
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    Cat - Nobody: My cat when I crack open the door: @cabbagecatmemes Adios
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    Vertebrate - "Dude my sister's cat scares me." "Aww. you afraid of getting scratched?" "I'm afraid of getting punched."
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    Cat - Do it, Debra Pull the trigger
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    Cat - If you can't hide a crime scene, just pretend you are a victim
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    Plant - Лиля @lo_lifer I sent my mom this photo of my yard not realizing the tiny Adirondack chair I got for my cat was in the frame and she thought it was a pregnancy announcement
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    Cat - Basically a renaissance painting
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    Marine invertebrates - Are you religious? I'd like to introduce you to my religion what's your religion I'm interested
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    Font - ravenstagsmooches I found a pun that works in both English and Spanish Where do cats go when they die? Purrgatory. ¿De dónde van los gatos cuando mueren? Purgatorio. waiting-unknown Dude it works also in Italian! 'Dove vanno i gatti quando muoiono? Nel purGATTOrio' envahissantecapucine could also work in french: "où vont les chats quand ils meurent? Au purCHATtoire" warning--known--fangirl The ultimate pun badmooonrising IT ALSO WORKS IN PORTUGUESE "Para onde os gatos vão quando morrem? P
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    Font - "Everybody loves us weird girls, right up until we start doing weird girl shit," I say to my cat, as we watch a documentary about serial killers in our matching onesies.
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    Plant - Paul @bingowings14 Size of that dandelion
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    Water - Laura Mullane 13 hrs While I love both dogs and cats, we all know, when the chips are down, I'm a dog person. But that may change with this photo. All the photos I've seen of dogs and horses escaping the flooding, they look terrified. This cat just looks pissed--like he's going to write a sternly worded letter to his city councilor when he gets home...right after he smokes a few cigarette butts out of the gutter, does a shot of Jack Daniels, and starts #bitchplease trending on Twitter of
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    Cat - Me doing my taxes: I have a child
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    Cat - The Internet is made of warm PS4 tiddlesdiary.com
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    Property - After diplomacy failed President Fluffins declared war on Dogtopia tiddlesdiary.com
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    Dog - "My Aunt took her indoor cat outside for the first time."
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    Eyebrow - my cavemen ancestors who fought off saber tooth tigers watching me argue with My 23 LB cat on the Finer points of being on a diet @WickedMotivated

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