Man Almost Gets Kicked Out Of Gym After Getting Accused Of Taking Creepy Pictures

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    Font - * r/AmItheAsshole · Posted by u/ConsequenceOutside64 4 hours ago AITA for not letting a girl check my phone to make sure I wasn't taking pics of her? I'm at the gym today and I'm walking towards an empty squat rack. 10 ft in front of, and 1 ft to the right of my rack is another rack that a girl (Belinda 20F) is doing squats on.
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    Font - While walking up I briefly noticed that her leggings are see- thru and when she bends down in her squats you can easily tell she's also not wearing underwear. Thats not my business, thats her choice. But it made me uncomfortable to take a rack that was kinda behind her. I had been waiting my entire gym session for one of these racks to open up, and this was my last lift before leaving, so I went ahead and took it.
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    Font - I went through my workout as normal. After every set I check my phone for 5-20 seconds. I track every single set for every single lift in a spreadsheet to note how much I lifted and for how many reps. Sometimes I need to remind myself what I did last week to make sure I'm progressing. Sometimes I'm just checking the time. Sometimes I'm changing the song on my Spotify. Tonight specifically, there was a very important basketball game being played so I wanted to keep up with the score. So I
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    Font - I finished my 3rd set when Belinda turns around and walks up to me, with her phone up yelling "what the fuck are you doing? fucking perv stop pictures of me." I'm caught completely off-guard, but I explain that I'm just taking notes on what I'm lifting. That I'm not paying attention to her at all.
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    Font - She's being extra loud so other people are looking at me, plus she's recording me, and she demands I go through my pics/vids to show her what I was recording and I delete the ones I took of her. I try to again explain I didn't record anything of her at all. She's yelling that if I have nothing to hide I should have no problem showing her, so I insist on going to gym management.
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    Font - Once at the front we both explain our stories (she's still recording). The normal gym attendee asks me if I'm willing to show her, a neutral 3rd party, my pics/vids. She also says if I have nothing to hide its not a big deal and we can squash it right now. I refuse. I have my own uncensored pics in there
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    Font - plus those of my gf. I'm not gonna let anyone force me to show them for some bullshit. I do show her my spreadsheet which shows its been revised over 15 times in the past 50 minutes, so that proves what I was using my phone for. That was received well, but they still expected me to prove my innocence.
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    Font - I told them they need to review the cameras. Apparently only the manager has access to them so I was told he'd call me before the end of the night (in about an hour). My gf tells me I should have just let them look at my phone because she doesn't mind and it would have cleared this all up. But I mind. I get that someone wouldn't want someone taking pics of them, but violating my privacy to prove I wasn't taking pics of you crosses a line for me.
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    Font - Edit: Just talked to the manager. He checked the footage. He couldn't see what was on my screen in the footage, but he said it looks like I had my phone pointed towards the ground right in front of me the whole time. In his opinion, "Not high enough to even take a pic of her, and never angled in her direction." Apparently I was gonna get banned from the gym if the cameras didn't absolve me. And also I'm not the first person that has been accused by Brenda, but she legit had a creeper befo
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    Font - GlaxenFlux 4h · edited 2h Certified Proctologist [26] Why did we need to know the girl wasn't wearing underwear? That has zero to do with the story unless you're trying to shame her to turn the judgment in your favor. Edit: To the people who are claiming she wore those pants for attention, op explained in a comment: She had black leggins which were very thin with white skin. I couldn't help but notice there is literally a full white ass peeking through her leggins at the bottom of her squ
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    Font - glitterswirl - 1h FYI, women get creeped on no matter what we wear. As a high school student, I was on the bus when a grown man at the bus stop started staring at me and wanking. I was wearing a winter coat, trousers and boring shoes, covered from the neck down and not wearing anything that showed my shape. Creeps don't need whatever "reason" you might think. Sexual harassment is the only crime I can think of where people think the victim's clothes are relevant. It's victim blaming and sl
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    Human body - eatpussyordie - 4h You're NTA. But the amount of slut shamers in the comments trying to blame the girl for "being a ho" and "dressing like that on purpose" - you all ARE assholes.

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