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    Font - luccclover 5 thirstyforred Follow fullmetalfisting Follow Apparently when my grandma first came to America she didn't know what a raccoon was and assumed it was a fucked up cat and adopted it. I just imagine this 13 yr old girl with a heavy Eastern European accent being like "this is my cat, Petr. He is not very friendly" Source: fullmetalfisting 39,031 notes A

    What we would not do to be able to hear more about this story, more of what must have been the most hilariously insane adventures these two had. This is true movie material. We don't know whether this movie would be a comedy, a Disney fairytale or a horror story, but we would pay to watch literally any of them.

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    Organism - chewedcorn Follow Colby College Late to Class me 12:48 PM P. to Hello Professor I will be a little late to class today. I am not sure how late, but I will be there. I have been trying to find a way out of my room for over 20 minutes. There is a very big bug between me and the door and when I move, it moves, and when it flies its wings make this awful whirring noise like some vassal of horror. We are locked in a stalemate and I am at every disadvantage, and I wholeheartedly believe the

    At the very least, the ended the email with "respectfully", so we have to give them credit for that. Knowing ourselves, we would have done the same. Actually, scratch that, instead of doing this, we would have grabbed our cats and sent them to kill this horrible bug intruder. Then, seeing them fail to catch it, we would have sent the email.

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    Font - hijabby I'm screaming??? So my cat knows I get upset when he steps on my paintings (not yelling or anything I think he just sees me spend hours trying to cover up what his paws do) in my "studio" which is a crammed small storage closet with painting all over the floor drying, so like l'm in there rn and I saw him try to get to point A to point b but it was impossible for him to jump over so like he realized the matte parts were dry and like he was stepping on the corners of the painting a
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    Font - A memeufacturing a person from 150 years ago would be terrified by modern stuff . however, a duck from 150 years ago would just be all like ,still got lakes? yes ? okay cool elodieunderglass "How fleeting are all human passions compared with the massive continuity of ducks." - Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night (1935) chatdomestique Reblogging again because I thought they changed the quote so I decided to look up the actual quote and it's not fake that is very much the actual quote
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    Dog - DM: make a perception check Player: 2 DM: You notice a regular cat. sindri42 I would like to pet the cat. sighinastorm "...Are you sure?" sindri42 I attempt to pet the cat. What kind of saving throw do I have to roll? A you-are-all-di5eased Roll for animal handling sindri42 does a 9 work? you-are-all-di5eased Any modifiers? sindri42 Yeah no, that's including all my modifiers. you-are-all-di5eased You attempt to pet the cat however as you approach it looks directly into your eyes and you su
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    Font - parakeet had this guy come into the store todayy and he had a full on coughing fit in the aisle he was wearing one of those blue generic masks and he was coughing so bad he was turning red and he came to the till and in between coughs and eye waterings he said 'its not covid i picked this mask up off the floor and i think it has cat hair in it and then his card declined and he left song-of-faerghus Me, reading this: “please let it be a 'one-time-l-dreamt post" But it's not Source: parakee
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    Rectangle - Drew Janda adrewjanda MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE BEES TO MY CAR I SPILLED ALL OVER MY CAR BEES ARE INSIDE OF MY CAR THEY COULD KILL ME I'M ALLERGIC TO BEES g-iggle: sang this for as long as I could Source: lolfactory #laugh tag 183,101 notes
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    Cat - kaity--did Every morning, with out fail, I wake up at 4 am to go to the bathroom. My body is on a timer. Every morning at 4 am with out fail my big whiney demon of a cat is waiting for me and I am encouraged, no I am expected, to scoop this 15 pound monstrosity up and hold him like a baby while I pee or he will wail like Hades' pits of despairing souls and wake up the entire neighborhood. kaity--did The hellion on trial theramblingfluff He bleps, he is innocent
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    Rectangle - RE tilthat TIL that ants will heal other ants after raids and that mortally wounded ants will refuse treatment. via reddit.com daco-broman do not deny me my warriors death brother 31,671 notes
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    Cat - historical-nonfiction The Egyptian Mau is probably the oldest breed of cat. In fact, the breed is so ancient that its name is the Egyptian word for "cat." thesixpennybook #did they name it mau because thats the sound cats make!? now I am just imagining a very early Egyptian encountering a wild cat for the first time. human: what the fuck are you? cat: mau human: oh okay then ottermatopoeia Didn't realize Egyptians were Pokemon professors
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    Cat - The host at our Airbnb has the most talkative cat. unclefather That is the host
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    Carnivore - News / Nation & World A rabies scare in West Virginia turned out to be just raccoons drunk on crab apples perestroika-hilton Follow Hot girl summer
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    Cat - My friend's cat got his head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this. dragontatoes some cat: does this ancient egyptian pharaoh: oh what a LOOK *starts wearing huge gold collars* katakulio Pothead. saltywerewolfrebel And here we see two types of people have commented on this post
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    Font - great-and-small Follow I hate that I'm always trying to find cool biology themed stuff to wear but all the "nature inspired" clothing companies just have like two crossed arrows or a minimalistic mountain on a sweatshirt. Fucking lame, that's barely even nature-adjacent. Put the life cycle of a salamander on a jacket, put hyena skeleton patterns on leggings, put a damn field guide of birds of prey on a peacoat and THEN you can have my money. Do NOT give me a shirt with a leaf on it that s
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    Font - chthonicillness Segui i want. a cicada on one arm and a crayfish on the other chthonicillness Segui tattoos i mean. i'm not like, taking a couple of invertebrates out on the town

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