I Can Has Cheezburger?

Tumblr Thread: Delinquent Tegu Steals Some Blueberries

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    Reptile - kaijutegu Follow I got distracted putting away groceries and SOMEBODY took advantage.

    Wait. Are you telling us that this little hooligan not only managed to sneak behind you while you weren't looking to get into the groceries, but that she also managed to get the vox of blueberries out of the bag and open the box?! All on her own?! Honestly, at that point, she deserved the blueberries. 

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    Alligator - kaijutegu Follow

    We do appreciate you sticking by her to take a million pictures instead of taking the blueberries from her. That was definitely the right decision- we support it wholeheartedly. She has earned these blueberries, and you are definitely a good tegu parent for letting her eat them.

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    Wood - Remorseless! A remorseless, shameless thief!
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    Rectangle - kaijutegu Follow
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    Reptile - Sterilite Ultra 2 Bu. /71 L
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    Rectangle - She put herself in prison and then passed out silvermarmot Follow Her belly is full and her heart unburdened by guilt. Perfect time for a nap. blue-eyed-thing Follow Pure decadence pureirishnonsense Follow Lost in the sauce 75,362 notes
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    Reptile - kaijutegu
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    Sleeve - She can't figure out how to get under the sheet.
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    Jeans - kaijutegu
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    Shoe - Whenever Kaiju is exploring, she makes sure to return to me from time to time because i am her Big Safe Thing. Even if she's just touching me a little, she seems to feel more at ease.

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