I Can Has Cheezburger?

People Accidentally (Or Purposefully) Using Their Pets' Products

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    Rectangle - Julie Anne My husband ate dog food one day. I came home, and he told me how awful the stew was. I asked him to show me the can because I didn't remember buying any cans of beef stew. Yep. Alpo. 11 Like Reply Message 3d

    Look... how much can you even blame the guy. We don't know about dog food, but cat food not only smells good, but the kind of cat food we buy has better ingredients than some of our human food so... No, we still would not eat it. Nope. 

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    Rectangle - Kerry Mitchell I used my dogs flea shampoo by mistake, left my hair shiny so I left a review for it on Amazon e. I now make sure my shampoo is in a different colour bottle to the dogs one as I wear glasses (but not while washing my hair) o 10 Like · Reply · Message 3d

    Considering the shine to your hair, we would assume that the Amazon review was a pretty dang good one, so at least there was a good Amazon review as a result lol. We have definitely had the glasses issue before. Thankfully, no animal products were used, but we may or may not have washed our hair with shaving cream...

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    Rectangle - Paula Lemire I used to have a Pomeranian and I used a shampoo called Ultra Fluff on him. One day, I ran out of my own shampoo and decided, "What the heck?" So I used it and my hair looked amazing that day? So, not an accident, but still. Like Reply Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Top Fan Betsy Johnson Langley The vet gave us some medicated horse shampoo for ringworms to use on the kitten we just got. Boyfriend used it on his feet and declared it was great for athletes foot too. O 15 Like · Reply Message 3d
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    Font - Jenni Hull One Halloween my kiddo was Merida from Brave & I waited until Halloween day to go & shop for orange colored hairspray. Anyway, the store was out of the human variety- but they had orange dog spray. I figured if it was safe for pets, surely it was safe for my 5 year old. It worked great too, but midway through the application my daughter noticed the bone shape on the can. And demanded to know, "is this for DOGS?!" 6. Like · Reply · Message 3d
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    Smile - Janet Titmus Delettera Midwife My sister had a sick dog and a sick kid at the same time. Both meds refrigerated. So..yeah. middle of the night dose for my nephew was the dogs medicine. Like · Reply Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Clara Siedelmann Ran out of my own one time so I used the dog shampoo. Laughed later when the dog would not come near me since he did not like bathes. Guess he was worried he was next but it worked wonders on my hair. 3 Like · Reply Message 3d
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    Font - Carrie Abshire My husband asked me if we had anymore beef Jerky.. said we don't have any beef jerky.. he said we did but he ate it al.it was pupperoni dog treats. He ate the whole bag. Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Hair - Cheryl Siebert When my hair was longer and thicker, I kept snapping the handles off regular hair brushes and eventually switched over to a Hartz Mountain dog comb. 2 Like · Reply Message - 3d
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    Font - Marisue Zorens I remember buying a box of gourmet biscuits for my dogs one Christmas. I'd no sooner put them away and sat down than my mom comes into the room with a biscuit in one hand and the box in the other: "Honey, don't ever buy these cookies again. They're hard as rocks and not sweet at all!" 1 Like · Reply · Message 3d
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    Font - Mais Helen One time, my mother wondered a few bites in why this stuff wasn't very tasty. Friskies Party SMIX Friskies Friskies Party Mix Party Crunch slzel Crunch Crunch Mixed Grill Beachside Original Like · Reply Message 3d D 10
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    Font - Top Fan Kiina Jade My toy poodle & I have the same tangle brush, just different colours. Forgot I left it in the shower one day & accidentally used hers. 1 Like · Reply · Message 2d

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