Sean Spicer Facts Twitter Account Is Your One-Stop Shop For Alternative Facts

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    Well, that's a plus.

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    After the Final Gavel, he gets to vote someone off the Senate.

  • 3

    We should be thanking Dear Leader Gameshow Host

  • 4

    Look out, world, Rudy and Donny are hacking the planet.

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  • 5

    Would love to get someone with glasses in there.

  • 6

    It does feel like this one should be much, much more specific.

  • 7

    Seems fair. Trump's got his hands full with... you know what, not gonna say.

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  • 8

    I'll just be playing this my head every second of every minute of every hour of every day until the world ends.

  • 9

    Finally we agree on something!

  • 10

    Actually, it's P@ssword. He just changed it.

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  • 11

    Let's finally get to the bottom of this thing.

  • 12

    All we were looking for was proof.

  • 13

    We've got to launch this investigation.

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  • 14

    Old friends.

  • 15

    Cruz would co-sign this.

  • 16

    Peer* — Oh, you meant "pee."

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  • 17

    Retroactive Oscar for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


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