Sean Spicer Facts Twitter Account Is Your One-Stop Shop For Alternative Facts

Have you seen this guy Sean Spicer? He’s that dude that seems like he’s about to start crying every time he has to defend the Trump administration’s poorly thought out schemes. Does Trump need someone to defend crowd size? Send Spicer. Does Trump need someone to explain why he used the word “Ban” in regards to his Muslim Ban? Send Spicer.

However, with the limitations of the 24-hour news cycle it’s hard to get all the Sean Spicer we want, nay, need. So someone, thankfully, started the twitter account @SeanSpicerFacts, which is home to dozens of fake and hilarious Alternative Facts. Check out the best ones:

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    Well, that's a plus.

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    After the Final Gavel, he gets to vote someone off the Senate.

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    We should be thanking Dear Leader Gameshow Host

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    Look out, world, Rudy and Donny are hacking the planet.

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    Would love to get someone with glasses in there.

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    It does feel like this one should be much, much more specific.

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    Seems fair. Trump's got his hands full with... you know what, not gonna say.

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    I'll just be playing this my head every second of every minute of every hour of every day until the world ends.

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    Finally we agree on something!

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    Actually, it's P@ssword. He just changed it.

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    Let's finally get to the bottom of this thing.

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    All we were looking for was proof.

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    We've got to launch this investigation.

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    Old friends.

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    Cruz would co-sign this.

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    Peer* — Oh, you meant "pee."

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    Retroactive Oscar for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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