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Kitten Rescued From Under Pallet Finds Purrfect Forever Home

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    Smile - r/cats - Posted by u/Webkiimz 18 hours ago 2 6 e6 9 3 5 E 6 4.5k A year ago me and some coworkers found this little kitten stuck under a pallet at work. I decided to take the the little guy with me to find him a home and then fell in love. I can't believe the most pitiful little kitten turned into the most loving and goofy boy. Happy birthday Goose

    Happy birthday Goose!! My, my, so much can change in a year. Goose went from being a scared little kitten stuck under a pallet, to a big handsome boy showered with love and affection.

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    A tiny and nervous Goose. This little guy has been through a lot and we are so happy that now he has been united with his awwmazing owner and has found his purrfect forever home. Yay Goose!

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    Cat - OT
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    Handsome Goose sporting a red scarf.

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    Product - artful_todger_502 · 12h That is exactly how I found my Zoe 18 years ago! Exactly! I found her an hour away from freezing to death, warmed her in my office, fed her from coffee creamers until I could take her to the vet after work. A sweet, crazy cat who traveled the country with me for 13 years. I think of her every day. Im glad you saved him. He will return the favor 100 times over I years to come. The universe put you and him where it did for a reason O (::

    So much support! 

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    Font - mostlywrong - 8h That is awesome, kitty is lucky to find you! We just had a stow away that showed up in our garage. He looked pitiful, and since our cat just turned 1, we had a little kitten food left, so I started feeding him. Finally got him to trust us a little, and my 5 year old just let him into the house one night. I made a vet appointment immediately, because kitty makes no meow sounds and had a swollen cheek. Plus we have a cat, and I don't want him to be exposed to anything. The
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    Font - arihndas · 17h What a glow up!
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    Font - boopboopitsaloop · 17h you're one awesome human being and glad this furball has a loving home! do only good everyday!

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