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Heartwarming Stories Of Cats Adopting Humans

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    Font - Patrick Califia One of my roommates acquired a cat on Thanksgiving. She and both of her pit bulls were in a food coma. The cat, who was feral, walked in (stepping on the dogs), climbed up on the table and ate a bunch of Turkey, then sashayed into the living room and fell asleep snuggled up to her. O 28 Like · Reply Message 4d

    This is merely proof of how whipped we are when it comes to cats. No matter how much of a jerk a cat is, if it chooses us, we can do absolutely nothing to accept it. We can bet, knowing that you're one of our users, that this cat is one of the most spoilt, happiest jerk cats in the world. And we love it. 

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    Font - Ashlee Wiltshire I never used to believe that the pet adopts the human, because ultimately it's the human's decision. HOWEVER, my roommate's cat Toby totally adopted him. He was sitting outside one night with his emotions, completely beside himself, and this stray cat we'd never met before comes running out of no where, loves up all over him and refuses to leave him alone. We couldn't take him inside, cause we had another young female who wasn't yet spayed and I didn't want them making li

    Oh, we know for sure that cats are the ones adopting us and have been from the beginning. People argue that because why would we bring cats into the house if not because they chose us? Dogs used to help humans hunt. What did cats do? Eat our food and ruin our things. And yet, we take them in and good lord, we love them so much. So, it only makes sense that they chose us rather than us choosing them. 

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    Font - John Lansford A couple of years ago in a winter with 10 degree low temperatures, we saw a cat trying to eat frozen suet on our deck. We gave him a can of wet food that he wolfed down but wouldn't let us get close enough to look at his collar. After a few weeks of him coming around on very cold mornings and eating some food, we were able to read his collar and discovered he lived about five houses from us. His owner came down to get him and said he stayed inside only at night. Which wasn't
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    Rectangle - Paula Lozar Over the years, I've been adopted by two stray cats, one a feral kitten and the other slightly older. They were both wonderful pets. 3 Like · Reply · Message 4d
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    Font - Linda Brandsness This happened to my husband and I about 20 years ago as we spent time in our front yard pulling weeds and trimming old growth from bushes. A few days to visit, he came in the front door and decided "It'll do"! He was already a full-grown guy, neutered, and a little crusty on the outside. After about a week of attention and healthy food, good grooming from himself, he was the joy of our life. Old Yaller actually protected us from a house fire by sniffing out a wall outlet
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    Font - Deb Brown My girl lived with 3 room mates. Each room mate had a cat. Those cats were attached to their humans and just tolerated her living there. One of the room mates had to move out (medical reasons) and he didn't want to take his cat coz it was soo bonded with the other two so he left her behind. Once he left that cat instantly adopted my girl and now those two are inseperatable 2 Like · Reply Message 4d
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    Font - Ross Hawes I got a cat in similar circumstances years ago. We already had cats but a stray started coming onto our front porch. After a couple of days I started putting food out for him. He eventually trusted me enough that I could pat him. This was when I noticed a large abcess on his face. I caught him and took him to the vet the next day. He needed antibiotics for a week after that so we kept him in the second bathroom so we could give him his meds. At the end of the week I let him out
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    Hair - Amy Bauder We were adopted 16 years ago by a kitten, probably more like a 'tween', lol. We love her so much and have never looked back! OD 5 Like · Reply · Message 4d
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    Font - Daisy Mallard This is how it happened with 'mere kitty. I live in the country and I saw him out with my chickens just trying to blend in. He was living under my shed so I started to feed him and he would hiss viciously at me. Eventually he wanted pets and love and eventually he became my indoor outdoor cat. We had him neutered and discovered he had feline leukemia. I had 4 good years with the cat that picked me. Now I have his nieces and nephews from the cat I believe was his brother. The
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    Motor vehicle - Top Fan Dennis Creech This is Carl, our garage cat. He took control of the garage a couple of years ago and hasn't shown any interest in coming inside to share space with our German Shepherd and our 3 house cats. We evacuated for 3 1/2 weeks after hurricane Laura and he went with us. Heated and air conditioned, with his own chair in the garage. He knows when he has a good thing going! 8. Like Reply Message 4d
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    Organism - Sarah Henwood My mom just temporarily took in an abandoned cat that came to her house. She insists she is only fostering it while it gets the medical care it needs..uh huh 6. Like Reply Message 4d
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    Cat - Lori N David Cook He chose me Like · Reply Message 4d
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    Rectangle - David Procter Oh sure. I have had Pookie for over ten years now. She appeared one morning as a kitten on my enclosed porch. I kept hearing a faint meow, and I went to investigate. How she got there is a mystery. Like Reply Message 4d
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    Sleeve - Michelle Taylor Ours showed up at our house within a week of moving in and he's still here 4 Like · Reply Message 4d
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    Cat - Wanda Hornby Meet Freeloader. Just showed up At my house. Makes me feel like his side chick. Has spent the last 8 months with me. But only at night. He goes "home" everyday at 8 am. I'm in love. Like Reply Message 4d

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