I Can Has Cheezburger?

Toy Sized Pony Dazzles Instagram Users Near And Far: Teddy The Shetlend

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    Dog breed - teddytheshetland 7,050 likes teddytheshetland Re-aligning our + chakras + before a big weekend of being handsome #bankholiday #lockupyourdaughters View all 39 comments

    He has model looks, he's in demand from major brands, he does appearances at celebrity's children's parties, and at four years old he has amassed more than 120,000 followers on social media. It's the pony, the myth, the awwdorable legend, Teddy! 

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    Horse - teddytheshetland Pennybridge Farm 3,675 likes teddytheshetland Standing next to someone you half know on public transport like #hiJeff #awkwardturtle #publictransportation View all 23 comments May 17

    "One of the best things he's done was a 14-page fashion shoot in Town & Country Magazine," says Alice. "A crew of about 20 people came with catering and everything and took over our house for the day. We went to several different locations and Teddy traveled in the trailer with the cast and crew." Via heelsdown.

    Holy smokes! That's one professional pony!

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    Dog - teddytheshetland 9,635 likes teddytheshetland Me: Ok today is going to be a really productive day Also me: View all 101 comments May 14
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    Horse - teddytheshetland Paid partnership with shires_equestrian 3,695 likes teddytheshetland Alexa, define "noble steed" pls (Mini knight wearing @shires_equestrian) #cheesin #ad View all 19 comments May 20 :
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    Nature - teddytheshetland 5,794 likes teddytheshetland Reason #1 why u don't leave ur phone unattended hehe. Who can relate O ?!! Feedback on floofage / fave shot (1-9) always appreciated #selfieattak #anglez #werkit #sozmum View all 91 comments June 3
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    Plant - teddytheshetland 5,285 likes teddytheshetland Cutting loose after a long weekend of business development and hustling with a side order of sexy ladies on purpose. #menwithclass #businessgrowth #moneyneversleeps . Plz note plait standing on end. Did that View all 25 comments May 23 :
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    Horse - teddytheshetland 5,684 likes teddytheshetland Please sir, can we have some foodz 99 View all 35 comments June 15
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    Dog - teddytheshetland 9,676 likes teddytheshetland squad's all here View all 56 comments March 27 :
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    Plant - teddytheshetland The Bunny Kingdom 10,493 likes teddytheshetland Real men wear Easter bonnets & 8 #HappyEaster #TheRealEasterBunny #TedBunny #TedMoney
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    Dog - teddytheshetland Whats Hot Radio 6,212 likes teddytheshetland SS21 Beard Collection #fashiontrendstoknownow #yoursummerguide #swipeup View all 43 comments April 11
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    Horse - teddytheshetland 11,706 likes teddytheshetland Neediness: a thread View all 146 comments April 8
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    Horse - teddytheshetland The Goring Hotel 5,586 likes teddytheshetland Shoutout to my G's who also operate a strict 'sniff multiple angles before you drink' policy. Can't wait to see you doing this at @thegoring in August #snoot #sommelierlife #cocktailsurveyor #thedayjob View all 31 comments April 15 :
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    Horse - teddytheshetland The Office 4,588 likes teddytheshetland Waiting for Susan at the front desk to comment on yo lockdown glow up like #freshtrim #nailsdid #geneticallygifted #andnoonecares #newjacket View all 33 comments April 19
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    Vertebrate - teddytheshetland 6,622 likes teddytheshetland Tiptoeing to raid the cookie jar and hiding behind a pillar cos u got caught lyk say, didn't draw on the brows. All natural #maybehesbornwithit #maybeitsneighbelline Ps - before u View all 38 comments April 29

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