Instagram Artist Draws Funny Comics Comparing Her Average Life To Glamorous Celebs

  • 1

    Bella Hadid's Jawline


    We didn't know Bella Hadid's jawline was sharp enough to cut into cheese, but here we are. 

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  • 2

    Will Smith's 'Dad' Bod

    Hair - Will Smith shares he is in the worst shape of his life In the worst, you saying

    LOL, we remember when Will Smith's dad bod was trending, and everyone was into it. TBT. 

  • 3

    Ariana Grande Vs Artist At Concert

    Nose - At a concert
  • 4

    Kylie Jenner's Young Baby Mama Life

    Hair - Me at 22 Kylie at 22 follow @bloome_comics
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  • 5

    Kendall Jenner After Eating

  • 6

    Kris Jenner's Lavish Lifestyle

    Hair - Me at • my 20's Kris Jenner at 65
  • 7

    Kendall Jenner's Height

    Hair - Height difference Daamn
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  • 8

    Kim Kardashian Eating

    Cartoon - Instagram food photo
  • 9

    Bella Hadid's Sleek Ponytail

    Hair - Ponytail like Bella Hadid
  • 10

    Emily Ratajkowski's Abs

    Hair - Follow @bloome_comics ABS of Emily Ratajkowski My ABS
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  • 11

    JLo's Workout Ethic

    Hairstyle - (J.Lo at 50 Me at 22
  • 12

    Rihanna's Confidence

    Hand - When you saw your ex


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