I Can Has Cheezburger?

Girlfriend Gifts Awdorable Cat Called Yubaba To Partner For Birthday

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    "She already knows how to pose. She is three years old and super tiny. We don't know what breed she is - any guesses? She weighs 5 - 7lbs"

    Why hello there Miss Yubaba! What a sweet gal you are. We are sure you are going to be very happy in your new home.

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    "In her carrier during the two hour drive. She only meowed twice the whole way!"

    Already a professional passenger, impressive!

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    "She preferred to be next to me though. She was extremely calm in the car and we are hoping to train her on a harness so she can go outside."

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    "Noms as soon as she got home."

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    Cat - Dool ng NUAT

    "Smooching up to my bf within the hour of getting her home. She knows where she belongs!"

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    Cat - Ma Oool long M ANUAT

    "Front row seat."

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    Sky - xtma • 17h ago via Android fantastic name for a cat! I always thought twin cats named yubaba & zeniba would be amazing + 176 O | + 2 replies
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    Font - GrumpyGrumbo • 10h ago via iPhone She looks like a typical Heinz 57 mutt, or as cat people call them, a domestic longhair. Cute cat congrats O 16 O | + 2 replies
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    Sky - Monkeyface8 • 17h ago via iPhone That right there is what we in the trade call top-choice kitty. Nice work, guys. O 64 O | + 1 reply
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    Sky - D deathperados · 10h ago i will die for that queen O 4 0| + 1 reply
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    Sky - G GondwanaCraton · 10h ago "We don't know what breed she is - any guesses?" I'm no expert, but I think that's a cat! You're luck to have such a rare and special animal O 11 0 | + 1 reply

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