People Who Woke Up And Chose To Spill Some Truth Tea On Twitter

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    Font - Scott Gorbach ... @ScottGorbach As the Kardashians celebrate their 20th season I would like to | congratulate me for never watching a single episode 2:59 AM · 5/17/21 · Twitter for iPhone 2,710 Retweets 642 Quote Tweets 34.3K Likes

    Wow, actually kind of impressive. How does one avoid watching a single episode? Wasn't it always on in the background while you were cooking? Or was that just us? But seriously, there were literally 20 seasons.

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    Font - Amber Sparks @ambernoelle •.. Unpopular opinion:I don't think your life has to have a purpose, or you a grand ambition; I think it's okay to just wander through life finding interesting things until you die 6:17 PM · 8/22/20 · Twitter for iPhone 66.3K Retweets 6,346 Quote Tweets 358K Likes

    Imagine if the biggest goal in life was just to wander. That seems so much more fun than all of this capitalist bs in our opinion. WHy shouldn't we only care about our day-to-day and the present moment? Sounds chill af.

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    Font - James Tang @jamesthetang My mom said we should speak Thai in public so we don't get targeted for speaking Mandarin and I think it's so sweet that she's nice enough to believe that these stupid fucking racists can differentiate between Asian languages 11:11 PM · 5/14/20 · Twitter for iPhone 120K Retweets 2,225 Quote Tweets 912K Likes
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    Font - lan McKellen O @lanMcKellen I've never met a gay person who regretted coming out – including - myself. Life at last begins to make sense, when you are open and honest. Today is the 30th anniversary of the BBC radio discussion when I publically said I was gay. So l'm celebrating! 6:40 PM · 1/27/18 · Twitter Web Client 77.5K Retweets 3,929 Quote Tweets 532K Likes
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    Font - mark normand O @marknorm I'm not surprised Jeff Bezoz started seeing a woman who was close with his wife. Classic Amazon, "if you like this, here's something similar you might like." II 9:34 PM · 1/10/19 · Twitter for iPhone 6,446 Retweets 524 Quote Tweets 22K Likes
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    World - no. @thisisnotbrianm Employers asking for references is so stupid and pointless like...why don't YOU give me 3 references! Go ahead! Let me call 3 former employees and see if y'all treated them well or like shit, then we'll talk! 10:47 AM 15 Apr 21 · Twitter for iPhone Posted in r/WhitePeopleTwitter by u/kevinowdziej e reddit
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    Font - i_am_.eric @ericjgossett I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. But, the fact that I have never been invited to a gender reveal party means I have cut the right people out! 1:14 AM · 5/5/21 · Twitter Web App
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    Smile - Shaun Galanos @thelovedrive Having chemistry with someone doesn't mean you have to date them (or sleep with them). Maybe you're supposed to open up a taco truck together. Chemistry is good for all relationships, not just romantic ones.
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    Font - Sokka Loves Zuko @KentingtonClark I find it so funny that the Addams Family is basically meant to be a caricature of what the polar opposite of the picturesque happy suburban family might look like and part of that includes a husband that is deeply in love with his wife and a wife that doesn't resent her husband. savethedwarves..
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    Organism - karanbir singh @karanbirtinna Funny how practically every religion basically says "Dont be a dick"; but ultra religious people are like "lol no". 1:40 PM · 10/19/20 · Twitter for Android 497 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 1,570 Likes
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    Font - Gus Constantellis @ConstantlyGus One time, I bought an illegal CD from someone in Greece. When I played it, it was 47 straight minutes of someone saying, "I'm a homeless man that just stole 5 Euro from you, I'm a homeless man that just stole 5 Euro from you..." | was shocked, dismayed, and lowkey impressed. 7:01 PM · 1/23/20 · Twitter for iPhone 83 Retweets 9 Quote Tweets 383 Likes
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    Font - Ushna Shahbaz ... @me_ushna Thate how I am a "I have an appointment at 4 pm so l cannot do anything all day " type of person. 10:28 AM · 6/30/21 · Twitter for iPhone 2 Retweets 11 Likes
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    Product - Maggie Archibald @maggiearchibald I didn't know you could wear a coat more than once. This will save me a lot of money! Page Six O @PageSix · 9/26/19 Kate Middleton re-wears blue Alexander McQueen coat for fourth time imzsA53
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    Font - @GinRumMe What we really need is wider and shorter plates of nachos. No more tall towers of chips and toppings. Spread the toppings across a larger area and cover all the chips, not just the top layer. Stand with me. 9:59 PM · 11/1/19 · Twitter for iPhone 1,380 Retweets 294 Quote Tweets 3,118 Likes

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