Men Who Tried To Look Tough, But Ended Up Looking Like Idiots Instead

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    You never know what will go down at a Subway Sandwich shop

    Joint - SEDGWICK AVE ANDERSON AVE JEROME AVE RIDGE this is necessary in Marion, IA Please tell me why 170 ST.
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    The guy whose toxic masculinity literally gets him burned

    Font - EU EU "Riggs" O @RiggsBarstool Some dude just called me a p 'ssy for putting on sunscreen. Imagine thinking you're tougher than the sun? The fIcking sun?
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    Manliest sip of all time

    Light - Thursday at 7:10 PM • I go to Starbucks solely to see the embarrassment in the eyes of the grown man who orders a low-fat-iced-latte-frap-fru-fru- blah-blah when he looks up and sees me taking a sip of my straight black coffee with no cream or sugar 17 9 Comments O Like Comment Share
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    The guy too tough for money

    Font - ll T-Mobile 3:45 PM 1 66% Thread l'd rather the $600 stimulus over the $2,000 one.. it'll make me hustle harder, idk... maybe l'm just built different 7:36 PM 12/29/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    The guy who literally just punches stuff

    Chin - Ever just punch and never never stop until your fist starts to bleed? Send a chat
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    The guy prepared with a civil war strategy

    Font - 10:55 1 l LTE O く 3d · Why do adult males who can't run a mile act like they're ready for civil war? O Like Comment Share DO 1.2K 25,418 Shares Dont need to run a mile just need to hit a target a mile away. 6m Like Reply
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    Logan Paul

    Head - Logan Paul @LoganPaul first punch will crack his spirit second punch will crack his ego third punch will crack his jaw fight's over. kiss my girl. go home.
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    Ooo, the "demens"

    Eye - 20a The demens' are coming out
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    Roid Rage for Jesus

    Rectangle - There is literally no atheist I couldn't absolutely destroy I'm 6'5. Hit the gym 4 times a week. My primary motivator is my faith. Try me you spongebob armed little fucks. Vote 18 1 Share Award
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    Who would dare after that?

    Asphalt - got so angry and punched a hole through this dry wall... literally NO ONE HMU I am so angry


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