I Can Has Cheezburger?

Uplifting Boost Of Animal Memes

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    That moment when you are totally good on fireworks, yeah nah thanks. 

    On the other hand, that tennis ball is looking mighty fine and it's chilling on the ground all by itself as if it is just waiting for you to pounce…POUNCE.

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    Hair - When you sleep over at his house and in the morning he says "good morning beautiful" and you there all happy

    Good morning babe! Am I beautiful right now? Be honest.

    Oh, wow, babe, I've never laid eyes on anything more beautiful. Totally, you're looking amazing this morning.

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    Property - Ask not for whom the dog barks. It barks for thee. con M
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    Font - Nathan Usher @thenatewolf "Do you think I reference dinosaurs too much when I write?" I asked. She was silent, like the p in pterodactyl, but it said everything. Source: morefunthanb4 153,867 notes
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    Nose - "What do you do for fun?" "I like to go on amazon and zoom in on animal costumes"
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    Dog - When you're dropping a deuce in a bathroom with no lock and the door knob starts turning
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    Dog - [WEDDING VOWS] GROOM: you are my best friend HIS DOG AT HOME: umm wow okay BadJokeBen
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    Nose - Brant @brant 47m @dog_rates your rating system sucks. Just change your name to "CuteDogs". WeRateDogsTM @dog_rates @brant Why are you so mad Bront 43m Brant @brant 42m @dog_rates well you give every dog 11s and 12s. It doesn't even make any sense. WeRateDogsTM @dog_rates @brant they're good dogs Brent 9/12/16, 2:05 PM 5 LIKES
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    Brown - When you check to see if your girlfriend is still pissed...
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    Dog - when you get home and see your dog and they see you and you're just both happy to be with each other
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    Product - nosdrinker he's cured haveitjoeway actually if you look at the heart monitor hes flat lining oldsoulactual he's cured prguitarman A miracle
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    Product - He peed on the floor and tried to clean it up himself A proudblackconservative Responsible af. 10/10, good doggo. trashg0d You can't be mad at him psychedelicfelon Definitely should give him a treat
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    Cuttlefish - Relationship goals Glub glub Read 11:14 A We broke up a year ago please go get help
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    Gesture - When your owner gives you a treat every time you're a good boy but you're a good boy all the time so now you're a fat boy
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    Cat - person: u should try to make more friends me:
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    Sky - When Trump builds a wall and deports my Mexican cat Hasta Luego Gato
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    Dog - Makin my dog watch commercials of homeless dogs so he knows how good he's got it JoinASPOCA.org ASPCA 1-888-514-4443 S
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    Dog - my dog knows she's not allowed in my room so she thinks if we don't make eye contact I won't kick her out.
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    Furniture - çãmillê @cami2222 + Follow charlie was sitting like people and then he stretched and my life is over
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    Vertebrate - ghost mom Following @radtoria My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my damn taco when I wasn't looking RETWEETS LIKES RW 5,633 10,834
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    Water - Scruffy get back here No! I Must Dance sofaplzza.me

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