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Reasons Not-So-Good Doggos Got Expelled From Daycare (Tweets)

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    Font - Sophie Haigney @SophieHaigney ... My dad's two dogs expelled from dog daycare due to forming a "dog gang" 3:43 AM - Jul 22, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.7K Retweets 1,290 Quote Tweets 161.4K Likes

    As people who have never had this experience, we cannot tell you how hilariously we were taken off guard with this information. Never in our lives did we think a precious doggo could be expelled from daycare, let alone for this reason. And seeing so many other people share their own versions of this story? Yeah, we could not stop laughing. 

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    Dog - Sophie Haigney @SophieHaigney ... Replying to @SophieHaigney Their vibe lol

    Okay, so be honest, you would also be petrified if these dogs ganged up on you. Yeah, they make look fluffy and pawdorable and wholesome and like the world's most beautiful angels, but if they both attacked you with hugs all at once, you know that you would be swept right off your feet, and that's dangerous. 

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    Dog - Michele Sloan ... @MicheleSloan11 Replying to @SophieHaigney Mine got kicked out cause he unlocked all the gates and doors and let the dogs out. They were running all over the lobby and office. He also broke into the food room and helped himself!
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    Font - Rachess @rachelcraik Replying to @SophieHaigney My dog was kicked out because he took all of the toys out them in the corner and peed on them. It was pretty embarrassing 7:27 PM Jul 22, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 28 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 1,729 Likes
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    Dog - TD Hunter ... @tdhunter52 Replying to @SophieHaigney Our husky got kicked out for unlocking one of the gates and letting all of the dogs out and then stayed back to play with the toys by herself. Too smart for her own good
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    Carnivore - Richard Ryan @rickkryan Replying to @SophieHaigney Our Cocoa was kicked out because she is too pretty and all the boys wanted to mount her (even though all parties have been fixed) which caused numerous snarl and snap fests.
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    Dog - KLontheDL ... @DILonthe Replying to @SophieHaigney This lady was moved to the bigger pen because when she gets mad she "smashes" puppies.
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    Dog - I wash my legs and so can you! @ChristinaM33 Replying to @SophieHaigney My GSD was *almost* kicked out of daycare for fighting until they noticed that she was being jealous and possessive over our other dog. Now they have to go to separate locations.
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    Dog - Court ... @butfirstfred Replying to @SophieHaigney This boy "doesn't have good manners". Manners learned in same day care. It's ok. They love him at the new place.
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    Dog - Libertas ... @saneandreal Replying to @SophieHaigney Doggie Daycare is becoming very elite. Mine is barely acceptable since she doesn't seem interested enough to engage in their dumb playtime activities. What can I say? She's sophisticated.
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    Dog - Vicki Stanbury @VickiStanbury Replying to @SophieHaigney My dog got kicked out. He LOVES babies, and I learned he also loves pregnant women. One of the workers was pregnant, and he spent the day guarding her from the other dogs, sometimes aggressively (he's not an aggressive dog). It wasn't good, but I love him more for it. My boy!
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    Dog - Dr Elisha Foust i ... @allthingsFoust Replying to @SophieHaigney This majestic creature was booted out because he kept marking his territory. We thought fair enough. But look how pretty!
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    Nose - Goldie Goglia @GogliaGoldie ... Replying to @SophieHaigney My guy Pesci got booted for humping too many dogs but my guy was just trying to find love say
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    Dog - ... @_misskimk Replying to @SophieHaigney My pittie got kicked out of doggy daycare because she's shy at first when meeting new dogs and the establishment said they can't accommodate to that Now she has a whole gang of besties at our local dog park
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    Dog - Sunny @gamer_chic434 ... Replying to @SophieHaigney My grandson Papi got kicked out for being the ladies man that he is and trying to hump all the girls

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