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Rescued Cat Born With 4 Ears Finally Finds A Forever Home

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    Aslan's story is a unique one, and not just because he has an additional pair of ears. According to Daily Mail, the one-year-old domestic shorthair mix, was rescued from a car repair shop last year along with 14 other siblings of his. His new owner, 41-year-old Swati Komanduri, a financial analyst, adopted him after the group she volunteers for - Animal Safe Haven and Adoptions- adopted the collection of kittens. 

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    "I got a call that 14 kittens were rescued from a colony," Komanduri told Daily Mail. "When I went to pick up the new kittens I was told there was a tiny kitten with four ears. I have never seen a four-eared cat. I didn't even know about this mutation." And indeed, this mutation is a rare one. 

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    The additional two ears that Aslan sports sit just behind his first pair. According to a 1957 study in the Journal of Heredity, it was found that the four-eared gene is a rare recessive one. "When two cats who carry the recessive gene, but do not exhibit it, breed, they only a 50% chance of having an offspring who exhibits the four ears."

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    Amazingly, despite his physical anomaly, Aslan suffers only from mild issues with eating. Other than that, thankfully, he lives a very normal life. "He is a very talkative and social cat," Komanduri explained. "He loves and demands to go for walks. He insists on tasting everything and if isn't given what he wants for food or treats, he steals it and runs away." 

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    "I am so happy to have the privilege to care for him," Komanduri added. "He is mine forever." He loves playing with the other pets living in the house, and his adorableness, totally expectedly, gained him a huge following online. Check out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you want to see what's going on in his day to day life. Clearly, this special boy loves his new forever home, and we could not be happier for him!

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