Problem Customer Demands Exact Amount of Ice Cream, Gets Less

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    Font - r) r/MaliciousCompliance - Posted by u/Yldsex 16 hours ago 2 8 3 3 6 5 1/4 pound of ice cream oc s As a young teenager I worked at a ice cream shop. A scoop of ice cream was supposed to be a quarter of a pound and they had genius ways for scooping to make sure each scoop was perfect. I notoriously bitchy regular ordered a scoop. After receiving his scoop of ice cream began to loudly complain that it was NOT 1/4 of a pound.
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    Font - The manager asked the customer "Who scooped your ice cream?" He immediately pointed directly at the scared AF tiny 16-year-old girl.. "She did!!" The manager marched the young lady up to the front of the store while everyone, employees and customers stood in tense silence. She pulled out a digital scale Took the men's ice cream out of the cone and placed it on a sheet of waxed paper on the scale... 0.35 lbs.. The manager proceeds to grab a knife and cuts off the over scooped ice cream and
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    Font - Manager Quite Loudly says, "Susie our customers are paying for 1/4 of a pound of ice cream. If I ever catch you scooping more than a 1/4 of the pound for this customers, we may have to let you go." Manager then says “Mr. customer, I have watched you come into this ice cream store for years. You have regularly received more ice cream then you have paid for while embarrassing and intimidating our workers. I'm sorry this has been happening to you for so long and I will see to it that it neve
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    Font - Historical_Turn_8748 · 16h Amazing management. Kudos. 4 Vote Reply Share Dillforill - 15h Perfectly insulting without being insulting. A+
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    Font - Jangande - 12h - edited 2h My coworkers tried to embarass me (or get me fired, not sure) at dairy queen saying I was making the ice cream cones too small. Those bitches pulled out a scale and weighed my cone in front of the was literally the perfect weight. I then innocently asked them how much have they been giving people all these months. Nothing came of it, but everyone was pretty shocked that I was the Rain Man of making ice cream cones.
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    Mammal - Alie_writes · 6h Imagine needing to pick on minors in food service positions to make yourself feel better about your own insecurities and terrible personality. On the other hand, the manager is doing management right!
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    Font - oceanbreze · 6h My high school Best Friend worked at a franchised ice cream shop in the 80s. Those measurement requirements were Real. Management would calculate how many scoops per barrel with the actual sales whether it was in cones, cups or shakes. Staff would get Write-ups if the measurements were excessive. I, (21 or 22) on the other hand, worked at one that was privately owned by a too young, inexperienced woman. Daddy gifted her the shop when she turned 18. We were allowed unlimite


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