I Can Has Cheezburger?

Funny Doggo Dumpo: Memes, Tweets And Snaps

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    Product - My aunt's dog finally got her tail

    If you wanna tell us that you are not wholeheartedly proud of this doggo for making this achievement, then we do not even believe that you are a true dog person. Yes, this might seem trivial and silly to you, but to this dog, this is the culmination of a life mission, finally - finally - getting to do the thing that it has spent its whole life trying to do. And we are proud of him.

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    Glasses - Jax has really bad eye sight, so the doctors prescribed him doggles. You're welcome.

    This is the main reason that we support medical advancement. Taking care of humans? Pssh, please. This. This is why it matters. So that we can help doggos with poor eye sight see again. Oh, is that you crying or is it us? Thank you, doctors, keep on doing this amazing work.

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    Dog - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Pepper. She thinks the world is a little scary. Plans to stay in her bag for a bit. 12/10 would ask if there's room in there for one more <>
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    Product - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob this is how you raise mask awareness 6:55 AM · 2/26/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Dog - The reaction I get when I tell him to get off the chair.
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    Dog - When it's cold but you have good boys
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    Dog - roryrobot woofle
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    Dog - | like when her legs tangle up when she sleeps
  • 9
    Dog - The evolution of Myles McEars
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    Property - Me: *Opens a bag of chips 2 rooms away* My Dog:
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    Plant - I planted a dog bush last year. Looks like this one is ready to pick
  • 12
    Jaw - Pupper subtly hints that he's hungry
  • 13
    Dog - WeRateDogs® O @dog_rates This is Duke. He recently started his own lawn care company. Relies on rufferals so please share. 12/10 accepts pats as payment
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    Dog - my mom got me a cardboard cutout of my dog to take with me to college WET PAINT
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    Dog - There's two kinds of dogs...
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    Dog - molly conger @socialistdogmom every night, the second i close my computer, they run to the top of the stairs and stare down at me, waiting for me to come up to bed 8:03 PM · 2/2/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Dog - Hmm, yes, indeed, I'm prescribing you two head pats
  • 19
    Vertebrate - My sister-in-law baby cousin Tracy ! @PrettiRickkay ... She's found a new spot in my car lol
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    Wheel - or dog but i thought Not my jeep everyone would like this KISSES CREE
  • 21
    Automotive parking light - * Father Drinks McGee ¥ @drinksmcgee The Canadian Cerberus Translate Tweet 6:03 AM · 4/3/21 · Twitter for Android
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    Dog - Noa @demonwife3000 thought moss's ears were up to stay but a couple days ago she decided she's back to being a FLOP!!!! Sublime
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    Dog - When you and your best friend accidentally wear the same thing...
  • 24
    Dog - "A perfect employee doesn't exi-" 169 ISH HAN Official OFFICE Stamp Licker ADoggoNews
  • 25
    Dog - That one friend you connect with on a different level than anyone else
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    Comfort - She's keeping him company
  • 27
    Dog - These are Frank's before and after adoption pics :)
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    Dog - I love when large dogs are picked up and they're so absolutely confused as to how this could happen that they just sorta...
  • 30
    Dog - Reverend Scott GReverend Scott "I'm gonna take ur picture" Wait, I'm not rea- [click)
  • 31
    Vertebrate - I just learned that Cheetahs are very nervous animals, so some zoos give them "support dogs" to relax
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    Dog - We got him a new toy but he can't decide which one to play with
  • 33
    Dog - James ... @OctoMossey Anyone else's dog dismount the sofa like this?
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    Vertebrate - At first they thought that something terrible had happened, and then they realized that he ate strawberry jam and took a nap. P.ADAN A THI OF JUSE

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