I Can Has Cheezburger?

12 Purrty Silly Cat Tweets From Twitter Star Translated Cats

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    Glasses - translated cats @TranslatedCats · Aug 3 Found a seals stranded, Mr. Chom

    Cat or seal? We are going to need some help judging because to us this is very obviously a fantastical combination of seal and cat. Cat father and seal mother, half cat half seal, and 100 percent purrfect. 

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    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · Aug 4 I'm hungry. I want gin.

    This lil sushi roll is so flippin cute we could pick it up with our chopsticks and just eat it the heck up. The lil fella behind the costume looks less thrilled about this idea, but either way, he's super heckin cute.

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    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 21h Kitty. maybe a cat. But thinking about it again. maybe it's you
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    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 21h Mom won't let me play iPad.
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    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 18h Go out and offer food to monks, everyone. In the late afternoon, I will collect mushrooms.
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    Hair - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 16h Recently, I have become a seal.
  • 7
    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 15h She decided to play instead of the athlete. ... SERVE
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    Photograph - translated cats @TranslatedCats · 11h Born as a cat, must be patient.
  • 9
    Cat - translated cats @TranslatedCats · Aug 2 Don't stare too long. It will escalate.
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    Product - translated cats @TranslatedCats · Aug 3 When will your child go to school? Ces 2021/729 14:53
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    Cat - translated cats @ TranslatedCats · Aug 4 We don't have orange. We slide. Who will why?
  • 12
    Cat - translated cats @ TranslatedCats · Aug 3 Rats are almost not cats. Rats are almost like roosters.

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