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Toothless Cat Stressed By Social Anxiety Adopted By Loving Family

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    "We adopted her because I kept seeing her picture on my local animal shelter's web page. They were posting "she is not enjoying her time at the shelter" over and over. She looked more stressed out every time I saw her, it broke my heart. I confessed to my husband I was terrified she'd get put down so he surprised me by picking her up after work one day." 

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    "I'm very grateful the staff kept her as long as they did given how badly she was adjusting to shelter life. We had mice in the house so we needed a cat anyways, but it was a huge surprise. We were still mourning our first cat passing away the year before and it was a struggle to think about getting a new pet- we had him for 15 years."

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    "Can you believe she was a street cat before we adopted her?"

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    "She's a spectacular mouser. We used to occasionally see mice in our house but haven't seen one since she moved in. She's so vigilant, always on patrol. Also, she eats the mice she catches so no clean-up lol."

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    "Not the most affectionate, we can't really hug her like our other cat, but sometimes she is very love-y. I know she truly adores the family."

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    "It seems like every time I'm cooking or eating or watching TV or working in my office she's somewhere close by, gazing lovingly at me."

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    "Toothless is gorgeous, stunning even." 

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    "It really was the stress that made her un-adoptable because she was a new cat after only a week. She made it so easy for us to love her."

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    Cat - 131

    "Every cat I've ever met was always trying to get outside but she loves the house and actually refuses to leave. It's her biggest quirk, but I'm totally okay with it."

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