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Smol But Mighty Funny Froggo Dump

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    Frog - Frog is here Don't be sad Things will be ok

    If only we had a lil pocket sized frog like this one to place his webbed hand on our finger and tell is everything is going to be alright. For now, we will just keep looking at this wonderful, wholesome image. 

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    True frog - MILF Man, I Love Frogs

    We are really confused as to why whenever we say the word "milf" in public places people get mad at us. All we are doing is expressing our never ending love for all things frog!

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    Leaf vegetable - nunyabizni May I offer you a tiny frog in these troubled times
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    Organism - FROG GAME LOOK AT THE FROG you won!! @froggle hub
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    Photograph - Cuz I heard you were sad Henlo Frog is here I came to visit you But heart is big Frog is smol Things will be okay Now I'm off to help another in need But remember Frog loves you *smile*
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    True toad - do not come any closer he will HOP he done it before he'll do it again if he HOP, what will you do then? it will be over for you you have no chance
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    Product - what frog are you boops getald terry -lots of friends -likes rain -self-conscious -soft & fuzzy -uwu -likes tea & cookies -single af -acts like grandpa -enjoys plants junior imposter beeps -enjoys computers -şalty but nice -introvert -little baby -friends with boops -big hopes & dreams -not actually a frog -tries too hard -owo Benus moosh chris -has a crush on terry -teeny sweetheart -mushrooms are life -chaotic -secretly very wise -overprotective -clumsy giant -a little stupid but sti
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    Food - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob never seen a more perfect cake Forg stevie simptweet @stevietweet if i don't get a cake that looks exactly like this for my birthday then i won't get older. i will simply refuse.
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    Frog - Frog Facts! Frogs were invented in 2005, originally created for government surveillance, they were later phased out for birds. • Most frogs have telekinetic properties and can bend reality to their will Frog eat bug:)
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