12 Razor Sharp Roasts That Cut Right Through the Feels Artery

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    Face - HIDiditForTheHal ibut 461 points 4 days ago The chick on the left looks like a Frankie Muniz that was left in a hot car and melted. The chick on the right is beginning to realize that may not be Frankie Muniz
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    Hair - Lost my job, my husband, my son, & now I'm in detox. Roast. Me. Hscruntfuttock brought here by enzo32ferrari's Best Ofs 3929 points 3 days ago If you had substance of character you would just abuse it
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    Face - roastme H Pick Locks_Get Money Verified Roastbeef e 3843 points 2 days ago You look like you dropped out of culinary school because you couldn't be butcher
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    Face - roast me Your eyes have been so distantly separated from each other for so long, the courts are no longer interested in H paddy_bardic01283 points 5 days ago adjudicating the custody battles for the Nose.
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    Text - Had to drop out of school because of Lyme disease. Finally feeling better and confident again. Roast me! H EB3031 1049 points 1 day ago Lyme disease, huh? I guess ticks are the only creatures you get sucked off by.
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    Selfie - MA H SupremeKai4 points 4 hours ago Verified Roastee 206 Iwas gonna watch Rogue One at the movie theater, but I think I'll just catch it when it comes out on your forehead.
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    Forehead - DANIE Old No ISI theflyingvs455 points 6 days ago When she learned how to speak did she break up with you?
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    Text - t/roastme H PopeyTheAwesome 651 points 6 days ago You look like the type of guy who gets paired up with a girl during a class project and makes them feel incredibly uncomfortable from staring with your creepy as fuck smile, but then you'll tell all your "friends" about it as if she was totally into you
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    Product - H innuentendo64572 points 4 days ago Lando and jabba, partners in crime. Those crimes include sending unsolicited dickpics and taking voyeuristic photos of women in public
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    Facial expression - 143 43 H scruntfuttock 1779 points 1 day ago hoat ME If she acted her age she would be dead
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    Arm - Im a sex god. burn me alive. ROAST ME H MarsNirgal1846 points 1 day ago Gay dude here. If something cou ld convince me to try straight sex, it would be this picture
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    Text - CE H TryCoserious 300 points 2 days ago Seventeen years ago, Richard Simmons jacked off into a bottle of AriZona raspberry iced tea and left it on the ground at a Phish concert. This is what slithered out


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