I Can Has Cheezburger?

Laughing All The Troubles Away On This Pawsome Caturday

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    Cat - For a couple of minutes I talked to the laundry thinking that it was my black cat. Felt pretty stupid when i realised that those were buttons and not her eyes...

    Okay, we would like to make a confession. There may have been one time - only time time, we promise - where we did not put away our laundry, and then in the middle of the night, we saw a random crumpled shirt and thought it was our cat, but it looked all weird, and we got worried and wanted to cry. When our cat meowed at us from the opposite direction, we may have had a heart attack, ngl. It was embarrassing indeed. 

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    Cat - Now I have to unplug my _lamp at night. Because this furry bastard learned how to turn it on. And he turns it on every time he's hungry in the middle of the night.

    Somehow, we are not surprised that this a-hole figured out how to do this. That's what happens when you have smart cats! They figure out how to get what they want from you no matter what it takes! And it's hilarious! And we love them for it! We just heckin' wish they weren't doing these things in the middle of the heckin' night. Ugh.

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    Footwear - BUGGED SPACE "Oscar" a cat that served on 3 warships, one German, 2 British, all sank in action. The cat survived each sinking, floating away on wooden planks to rescue. The cat was known as "Unsinkable Sam"
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    Vertebrate - Fear us, for we are mighty and powerful
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    Sleeve - When someone says they hate cats
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    Font - I've been owned by many cats and can confirm james tison like "tyson" @doioweyoumoney Everyone wants to talk about "gaslighting," nobody wants to talk about "how cats domesticated themselves and modeled their meows off of human baby cries to better manipulate our emotions." 9:06 AM 08 May 21 Twitter Web App 1,891 Retweets 93 Quote Tweets 19.3K Likes @Chalkarts · 8h Replying to @doioweyoumoney The fact that a cat can walk into your house and be like "I live here now" and most people just g
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    Font - Celeste Labedz ... @celestelabedz I can't believe people are STILL struggling with basic Zoom etiquette. Remember: - MUTE yourself when not speaking - USE "raise hand" to avoid interruption in groups - Make sure your CAT is in view - Don't forget to tell me your cat's NAME - Please tell your cat I LOVE them
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    Product - catscenter stele3 The witches have come to lay their claim. bunjywunjy a pair of mischievous goblins examine their new charge endisni Ebony and Tenebrous were aghast. "Did you hear what those fairies gave her? Beauty, grace and willingness to please? Bast's tits, that's a terrible thing to do to a kitten." Ten got up on her hind legs. "Never trust a flying thing that gives you a mouthful of glitter when you catch it. Come on, Eb, let's give her our gifts." "Like half a shrew? I tried g
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    Font - LTE l 59% 11:10 AM 下 Thread Jesse Nowack @Nowacking *opening a can of tuna* Cat: Oh my GOD Мe: No- Cat: SECOND dinner?? Me: No, this is m- *taps me with her paw* Cat: Father you have provided SeA MEAT Me: Please stop *jumps up on the counter* Me: Jesus christ Cat: I am BLESSED dad holy FUCK Me: Please don't- Cat: MEEO000000000 11:09 PM 19 Jan 20 · TweetDeck Tweet your reply
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    Photograph - fairymascot the ather day i went with a friend to the museum, and outside its entrance, was greeted with this eight cats sitting there. perfectly still everyone around them was cooing and taking pictures but those cats did not budge. for a moment i was actually wondering whether that was supposed to be some sort of experimental new performance art but then one lady came out of the museum and they all got up and followed after her good god, i hope they're her cats. I hope they do thi
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    Dog - "where do you see yourself in 10 years?"
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    Font - mushishitposter reasons you should adopt black cats 1. they're adopted less bc of superstition 2. the fuzzy one look like soot motes 3. people think you're a witch and leave you alone 4. Every picture you take of them looks like a void with glowing eyes which is inadvertently hilarious 5. cat Source: mushishitposter 57,641 notes
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    Font - barduils owning a cat makes you immune to demons barduils evil spirits in my house: *creak my door open ominously* me: is that you baby??? *kissing noises* come here sweet baby <3 barduils me: *feels another PresenceTM somewhere in the kitchen with me while i'm fetching glass of water at 3am* me, sleepy and unafraid: i'm not letting you out yet you bastard, go back to bed the yellow-eyed demon that stalks me in the dark: *whispering* damn it 476 notes A
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    Font - edgebug Follow cat sounds, rated mrow?: inquisitive. timeless.. succinct and to the point. 8/10 purr: is there anything better? 10/10 silent judgement: not a cat sound. does not count. 0/10 mow-wow-wow!: exuberant. joyful. a frank delight. you should be so lucky as to hear this cat sound on a regular basis. 9/10 AAAAAAAA: obnoxious. loud. why is my tiny bastard screaming? 3/10 rrrrrrrrrrrrr!: your cat is angry. this is a bad cat sound, but ultimately necessary so that you understand their
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    Brown - When she says she's not really that hungry but might try a little bit of your meal.
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    Cat - When you sing your heart out while driving and look over to see someone watching you:
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    Cat - catsuggest the oppressione never cease heckyjecky what happened cat? catsuggest im was given one (1) treat. only one e emmersdrawberry Cat u will get chunky if u eat too many catsuggest then let me be chunk
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    Cat - Can you hangout? There's a cute guy here that I want you to meet. No it's my cats birthday What? PPY BIRTADAY
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    Cat - Being a soft cuddly baby Cats Being an asshole
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    Tableware - Diabolical kitty about to take over the world! Fisk Risk
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    Cat - Does your keyboard come with a cat attachment?
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    Building - When your cat is completely antisocial...
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    Head - I caught my cat right before sneezing.

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