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    Font - lesbianshepard do flat earthers think earth still moves in space like some sort of planet sized frisbee lesbianshepard this is my new religion god made the frisbee- earth and then just tossed us into the abyss lesbianshepard the world ends when his dog catches it

    How you have managed to look the whole flat earth thing look even mildly appealing is beyond us. If the theory was framed in this way, we might actually support it. Not because we think it makes sense, of course, but because dog and frisbee and omg we love doggos so much, we'd support them no matter what always. 

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    Cat - matzahball I bought a bunch of bananas and l've caught Cleo staring at them every day since matzahball Update: I took the last one and now she wants to know where her bananas went anxious-depressed-potato How do you know that she doesn't just really love that bowl? matzahball Because when we leave the bananas on the table without the bowl she stares at them with just as much love!!! She ONLY looks at the empty bowl right after we remove the last banana. Then she's no longer interested lovi

    Well.. can you really blame this guy. Bananas really are weird. We mean, yeah, cats think that bringing us dead mice is not weird, so maybe they are not the best standard when it comes to weirdness, but bananas... we kind of agree. Just.. look at those curved yellow things, growing on trees between big leaves in groups... they're weird indeed. 

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    Product - falstaffing yall i just found the funniest thing on the harry potter wiki • In both the book and in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the snake blinks at Harry. However, snakes are unable to wink, as they have no eyelids. - Yet, it's remotely possible that Harry, while focusing on the snake, unknowingly gave it eyelids with his uncontrolled underage magic. norbah There's also the general problem with the idea of speaking Parseltongue. Snakes are deaf. siv
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    Font - surprisedentistry "i can leave the door open while i'm cleaning my bathroom," i reasoned to myself. "surely my beloved cat, Meatball, isn't dumb enough to try and jump into an open toilet full of Clorox" surprisedentistry i caught this tiny-little fool MID-FUCKING-AIR. i watched him start leaping and time literally slowed down. and then he had the audacity, the NERVE, to beep indignantly at me for ruining his plans
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    Font - BAD JOKES badjokesbyjeff BY JEFF I recently heard about this young adult novel in which Schrodinger's cat and Pavlov's dog team up for a cross county adventure... So I headed on down to the library to see if they had a copy for my 10 year old daughter. The librarian said that my description rang a bell but she wasn't sure if it was there or not. themodernmaccabee *inhale* Jeff.
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    Font - ice-block Me, looking a Minecraft sheep in the eyes: I want to pet you but can not Minecraft sheep: beeh Me, crying: you are full of love ktheflyingdm Me, looking at baby turtles in Minecraft: W... why can't i pick you up?! You're so small! Turtle: Me: *crying* ender-transman me: why am i not allowed to hold your hand enderman: vwoop me, crying: you are so handsome
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    Font - Anonymous said Get horny damn you jerryterry Follow Wh.... What? chongoblog Follow Me, a zoologist, to the last two living pandas 31,580 notes A
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    Font - thoodleoo i would really love to take an ancient roman to a zoo and show them some fucked up animals just to see how they react thoodleoo like can you imagine taking pliny "there are one hundred and seventy-six fish in the ocean and not a single one more" the elder to an aquarium? he'd lose his goddamn mind Source: thoodleoo 3,674 notes
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    Font - The horngus of a dongfish is attached by a scungle to a kind of dillsack (the nutte sac).177] chucho-of-the-bullshit 5-hit fucking combo right here
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    Font - thoodleoo the only roman emperor i respect is honorius because, during his reign, rome was sacked, and when someone brought him the news that rome had perished he freaked out bc he thought they were talking about his pet bird named "rome," and when they explained that they were talking about the city he was like "oh thank god. who gives a shit" kamenriderhamo shouldve called his ass hilarious 16,801 notes
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    Font - setheverman tumblr. Follow 2 mememolicious nOrma1-people-sxare-me A group of rough looking boys walked past me today and all I heard of their conversation was "he's got that anxiety disorder bro so I went with him so he'd be more comfortable" and it made me realise the world isn't all that bad fitzefitcher #this is team skull its-just-a-phage The pet store I worked at had a pen with rabbits near the front door. On every side of the pen were huge signs saying "You can pet me, but don't pic
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    Facial expression - so i was talking to my dad about guardians of the galaxy and when i mentioned chris pratt my dad sighs and says "I dont know how parents could be mean enough to name their child after a fried rodent" and i sat there looking really confused and he just whispered "crisp rat." and now i will never hear anything else

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