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    Rectangle - strictlyquadrilateral earlier today i was nonverbal for a bit but no one was around except the cats, so i signed at molly that she's a good cat and she. immediately started purring. this cat knows too much. i live in fear that someday s fabulousairpirate the cat killed op strictlyquadrilateral #false she merely sat down on the keyboard and hit the post button prematurely

    And doesn't this post just perfectly encapsulated what it's like to have a cat? We're obsessed. This person is sitting there, writing a whole post, trying to compliment their cat on how lovely and compassionate the cat is when this little hooligan comes in and plants their bootie right onto the keyboard. Smh. We love cats. 

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    Font - thewugtest if youve never physically been in the presence of like, a real live wolf, and you probably wont get the chance to, heres some stuff about them you should know a wolf's fur is so unbelievably thick that you can get like, your whole hand into it while petting. and then you can keep going wolves are a lot bigger than you think they are. think about how big you think a wolf is then just like double that they dont really smell like dog but they DO smell and youre not going to be abl

    We don't know if this person was aiming to encourage or discourage us from wanting to pet a wolf, but all they did was teach us the right way to do it when we get the opportunity. Dangerous, you say? You may be right, but.. wolf.. large doggo... must pet- brain don't work- fluffy. 

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    Product - the-memedaddy OWLS CAN SIT CRISS CROSS APPLESAUCE dick wolf @soyeahnah it's always something new with these motherfuckers noctumsolis Follow Sooo l'm guessing that for Americans "cross" and "sauce" rhyme? appendingfic Follow I cannot imagine what pronunciation would cause them not to, so yes kragehund Americans. hamenthotep majorsamo How do you pronounce em? joerose8 hamenthotep Cross rhymes with boss And sauce rhymes with horse hamenthotep joerose8 99 if you live somewhere that “sauce
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    Font - conan-doyles-carnations Follow In 1778, two Irish gentlewomen put on men's clothing and ran away together. Lady Eleanor Butler had received several offers of marriage but was determined to share her life with her friend Sarah Ponsonby. [...] They spent the rest of their lives in a black and white house called Plas Newydd outside Llangollen, cultivating their garden, improving their minds and filling the house with clocks, cabinets and "whirligigs of every shape and hue". [They also had] a
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    Table - doesitsparkjoytho Follow Yup That Exists YUP @yup.that.exists Feline-friendly furniture gives your cat a seat at the table, making them the centerpiece at dinner time. sindri42 Follow Every cat I have known would immediately climb up through the hole and start stealing everybody's food. graycoin Follow Crime porthole jewishbookwyrm Follow this was designed by cats
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    Reptile - the-entire-furry-fandom concept: frog but it's entire head/face part is a gator kaijuemperor You mean something like this? the-entire-furry-fandom CORRECT
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    Communication Device - transasamisato "cocks gun* any last worms? acerncshane *cocks worm any last guns? transasamisato *worms gun* any last cocks? theonewhoisnotshort "guns last any worm cocks?
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    Font - 71920372729922980822810 Follow I don't have a name you can call me because I don't want to be acknowledged. Hope this helps grey-the-wired Follow Pspspspspsps 71920372729922980822810 Follow
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    Font - pajamaben Follow Rules for meeting a dog: 1) be cool 2) pet it 3) do not steal it 4) stop running from the owner 5) put it down 6) this isn't worth jail time 375,498 notes
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    Font - 1 wordswithkittywitch Follow "The average spider on Middle Earth is the size of a dinner plate" is a statistical error. The average spider on Middle Earth is smaller than a coin. Cirith Ungol (lit: Spiders Gorge), which contains a spider larger than a horse, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.
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    Photograph - talesfromweirdland A woman and her pet dragon. Illustration from 1912 by German/Czech artist, Anton Robert Leinweber (1845- 1921). copperbadge I love that her expression is like "Yes, I love you despite the fact you just puked brimstone all over the carpet."
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    Font - P Spookybritches Jules @SQLPI Reminder that you are an omnivore, a predator, and a pretty big one at that. You are not a bee or an ant. It is, in fact, normal for you to just want to lay around not producing anything. You're a mammal. Stop judging yourself for not being a hive insect. 5:08 AM - Oct 12, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone Good news: if you're currently laying around and not producing anything, you are a credit to your species. curlicuecal Follow I'm an ant biologist and l'd like to
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    Rectangle - anonymous asked: why is your cat green? gothicprep answered: She's built different e gothicprep Look i tried to laugh it off, but I haven't stopped thinking about this message because... my cat literally isn't green like where is the green gothicprep >says cat isn't green >posts a picture of the most green-ass fucking cat I've ever seen therealtombergeron 3 gothicprep That's a pretty green cat E sweatquiuszahhak gothicprep We may have another “the dress" situation on our hands therea
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    Plant - history-and-stuff-and-things nobody: medieval frog defending his child from fire skeleton= i-am-the-third-heat or, telekinetic frog flays local man who doesn't understand personal space
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    Brown - transamus bug type eeveelution is called beevee and its just an eevee who ate a bee & looks like this now challengeourfate Follow thedepressionoftrees It evolves when it uses bite on a bug type Pokemon 63,263 notes

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