Pretentious TikTok Home Tour Gets Roasted & Toasted

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    Gesture - dawn ... @dawnblog I'll never complain about a floor mattress ever again 8:41 PM · 9/2/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Forehead - Cody DeMatteis @crd ... Replying to @dawnblog American Psycho for a new age 11:33 PM · 9/2/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Jaw - delaney @coalburner Replying to @dawnblog "there's little objects everywhere" made my stomach hurt 8:53 PM · 9/2/21 · Twitter Web App
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    Product - Andrew ... @dumbidot1 Owning a chair that is not meant to be sat in is fucked up dawn @dawnblog 15h this is horrifying Show this thread
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    Product - Sads Dikkelsen @Merzboner In case anyone was wondering that chair costs $7400 and I'm not kidding dawn @dawnblog - 15h this is horrifying Show this thread
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    Product - stuart (not cormac mccarthy) @punished_stu ... Replying to @dawnblog Damn, bitch, you live like this? 1905 7:15 AM · 9/3/21 · Twitter Web App etrav_is
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    Font - head slam through window @a... · 11h Replying to @dawnblog ... when you blow ur furniture budget on a rei kawakubo chair so you gotta make the rest of ur house out of paper and cardboard 4 27 12 433
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    Brown - Vax Shepard @Nariko_Ott ... Replying to @dawnblog The books facing the wrong way was easily the most upsetting part 知
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    Brown - illegally mina @nerrad4now Replying to @dawnblog Ah yes, the perfect book stacking method for avid readers Tik Tok Seathy pank
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    Font - jimmy, through a glass darkly · 13h Replying to @dawnblog Very concerned about the type of person that keeps book spines and covers out of view 4 27 2 117 Rex @rexopr · 10h why? this is how I look like an intellectual when really I just have about 200 space ... opera novels. oh wait, that's why 16
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    Font - demiurge @gnosticapostle ... Replying to @dawnblog why are the books facing that way? how are you supposed to tell which is which? 9:19 PM 9/2/21 Twitter for Android 1 Retweet 290 Likes Splotch @splotcho - 3h Replying to @gnosticapostle and @dawnblog ... The books are not to be read. They are merely mementos from people this serial killer has claimed 8
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    Property - Eon G (Old Baby) @EGattignolo Replying to @dawnblog this chair is a chooty marindo design and it's not for sitting, it's meant to hold pillows, there are hand made objects *everywhere* kat hasty @kathasty guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue O 201K 215 AM - Dec 13, 2018
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    Product - Andrea Denault @denault_and.. 1Oh ... Replying to @dawnblog I was feeling really gaslit the entire time. But I triple checked. She called this a “hat." What exactly do floor people put on their heads? Tik Tok 27 8 477
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    Human - tweety @weirdwithwords ... Replying to @dawnblog did a cat scan of her brain and you'll be amazed to see what we found! 11:44 PM 9/2/21 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Tony i @StrengthBuild - 14h How much a week would you make robbing people like this 360 HG HipsterGoggles 0O @HipsterGoggles ... Replying to @StrengthBuild and @dawnblog Hand em a fucking mask bro THEY NEED SHIT MORE THAN YOU AT THIS POINT
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    Product - wtf is this thing Tik Tok thy p 18 17 3 518 Data Disc with 600 Kid Rock Mp3s @128kbps4 Replying to @angeldevilhole and @dawnblog Great. You've looked at it too long and freed the malevolent spirit trapped inside. WAY TO GO.
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    Font - Simon Girthy @daggerandpen - 12h Replying to @dawnblog this is some kind of perverse...poverty chic? she puts laundry on a designer chair? as a former poor kid and current guy who likes my space to look nice i am incredibly offended 8 L7 8 1,192 Moose @comradesquirrel · 12h No I think they just like the floor, which might actually be worse ... 2 409
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    Organism - old tom @YuckyTom · 8h Replying to @dawnblog ... what kind of accent is this it's truly horrible 15 Alex a @alexldurbin 39m She literally told y'all she's a “floor person" if you don't understand the dialect just say that 2 16
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    Sleeve - Stream Merzbow - Pulse Demon ... @traumarepressor Replying to @dawnblog here's how my home is decorated without any "normal" furniture 12:59 AM · 9/3/21 Twitter for iPhone
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    Product - Glenn Lyman @CoughingSound · 5h Replying to @dawnblog NEUTTING SH New Yorks hottest club is Floor This place has everything: hand made objects, a vase that only holds a single stem and a chair that isn't meant to be sat on THIS PLACE HAS EVERYTHING GIF 104
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    Font - beth ... @bethbourdon Replying to @dawnblog the "floor people" shit will end right about when their backs start killing them and no one wants to come to a party at their place 12:30 AM · 9/3/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Coup R'anch Doritos @FartsUSA ... Replying to @dawnblog This is how humans lived for millennia, albeit with less access to personal hygiene. I think the popcorn ceiling is worst part of the video so it's clear they're trying to get as far away from it as possible, which happens to the floor 10:51 PM · 9/2/21 Twitter for iPhone


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