I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (September 5, 2021)

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    Cat - Mx. Mik a a @kim_from_kansas Every single day my long-suffering husband straightens our rug, and every single day our cat pulls the rug back up so that he can fold it over and lay on the wrinkle like this 7:31 PM 8/24/21 Twitter for iPhone

    The question is not why he does it, the question is why are you and your husband disrespecting the setup of this purrfect little dude. This is clearly the most comfortable position to lie in, you wouldn't want someone moving your pillow in the wrong way. Pssh. Y'all just don't understand comfort, clearly this cat knows better than you all. 

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    Outerwear - Them: It's still only September do not start with your Halloween stuff. Me: @alternativo.oufisideas

    Y'all. It's coming soon. Yes, soon, don't argue. Get ready for the memes, get ready for the videos of animals getting pumpkins as treats, prepare yourself for listicles full of adorable bats. You're not ready for what's coming, and at the same time, you know you want nothing more than to already be there. 

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    Organism - DOCTOR: *seeing scratches all over my back* well, I can see you're sexually active. ME: *remembering drunkenly mistaking a raccoon for Yoda and putting him in my backpack to train me as a Jedi*
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    Cat - Me: I don't like spicy food Friend: Try it, it's not too spicy Me:
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    Dog - NO DOGS PLEASE This dog SA The revolution has be'aùn!
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    Cat - When your drunk friend is about to do something really stupid @lean in_my_cereal You're doing amazing sweetie
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    Horse - imagine being bojacks friend and him talking abouthow hes a terrible person but hes a horse so he just looks like this the whole time
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    Cat - Now I have to unplug my lamp at night. Because this furry bastard learned how to turn it on. And he turns it on every time he's hungry in the middle of the night.
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    Photograph - A spider doing absolutely nothing: Me: @Dope-A-Meme
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    Cat - 10 year old me bringing my friend home and asking my mom if they can stay for Ilunch
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    Dog - Hello land dog, I am water dog. Wanna be friends?
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    Dog - Day 18 of lock down. Filled the dog with helium.
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    Photograph - This cat looks like he's about to tell you a really scary ghost story -And then... ... the tiny corpses of all mice I hade ever killed... rose up from their graves to haunt me
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    Product - John Wick: Dies His Dog BLAC
  • 15
    Table - Yup That Exists YUP @yup.that.exists Feline-friendly furniture gives your cat a seat at the table, making them the centerpiece at dinner time.
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    Water - Me who did all the side quests first the first boss
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    Nose - yung gp 3 @leftovercroc my guinea pig tasted a lemon today
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    High-visibility clothing - Construction workers put High-Visual jacket on black cat so it doesn't get hurt

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