I Can Has Cheezburger?

Saturday Dreams Bringing On Hissterical Caturday Memes

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    Cat - This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why.

    Some cat behaviors will forever allude us. Whether it is this cat randomly lifting her hands in the air all the time, whether it is the fact that we cannot take laundry out of the dryer without our cats immediately wiping their butts on then, or whether it is our cats yelling at closed doors. Cats are weird, and we love them.

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    Photograph - This is what defeat looks like 794 26 Share BEST COMMENTS Scooter_McSnailtrail 5h That cat is way undercooked

    And then there's this. Some cat behaviors will forever make sense to us. This is what cats do, this is what cats are, and since we truly love them, we accept this too. It is your own heckin' fault for not watching this little hooligan approach. You should have known, human, and now you forever will. 

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    Font - I'm coughing so hard l'm breaking a sweat and it's like a million degrees in my house and this one WONT STOP UNPLUGGING THE FAN. #cats #catsbeingassholes 1 note
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    Hair - @willygetsome Cat lady+
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    Cat - jairustehvirus: "I need those TPS reports!"
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    Cat - No one: French Royalty in the 18th century:
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    Font - inky paw prints left on a 15th century manuscript cat's pawprint on a roof tile from around 100 CE CY MUSEUM EMRO FLPOVIC CATS vandalizing shit since forever
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    Helmet - DM: No, you cant have a cat sidekick with a gun, he doesnt even have hands Me: Mr Snuggems doesnt need hands!
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    Vehicle registration plate - "It looks like you're gonna need a new meowffler and cat-alytic converter" worstigaccount tank.sinatra 0676TY
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    Cat - Damn , it hurts right here in my meow meow
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    Tableware - "I'm not supposed to tell anybody but." Me:
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    Cat - deaneggsandsam: when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you've just offended their great ancestors S setheverman 382,226 notes ...
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    Cat - 'll never forget when I took my cat to the vet and they took an ID photo H4
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    Organism - Me alone in my room thinking of a joke I said in 2012
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    Bicycle - Me on my way to my next existential crisis
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    Eye - *walking into work on Monday* Boss: hey how was your weeken- Me: The purple.sock
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    Cat - Me: Mom, Mr. Snowflake said he wants my soul Mom: Our cat? Don't be silly Mr. Snowflake:
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    Brown - total eclipse of the cat echuck te
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    Cat - Me in the kitchen at lam

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