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    Font - keuhkopussirotta Apparently a part of the reason why farmed bees stay in the beehives that humans build for them is because the farm hives are safer and sturdier. I don't know how a busy Discord server's worth of bugs that only have one brain cell each would logically conclude that the humans protect them from outside threats, illness and parasites, but if I understood right, the bees would be free to move away and build a new nest somewhere else any time they'd want, and they simply choo

    When tumblr gets introspective. About bees. That is indeed what you are seeing. The balance between humans and nature, protection and danger. Many things that we do not expect to happen sometimes happen in nature, that is natural, even if it is always amazing. 

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    Dog breed - ratcoded Follow who else is in the "didn't realize sheep have long tails until i was like 20" club dimetrodone Follow

    And then this. Because tumblr will never disappoint you with its ridiculousness. As people who consider themselves animal connosoir, we would like to say that we knew this ridiculous fact about sheep... but we did not. And oh my god- look at it! It has a long fluffy tail!

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    Font - thekruelking 2 fishu-fishul how my husband got a cat today Saturday: so there's this nice cat hanging around my work place that i am feeding Sunday: it's not a good cat environment i'm gonna bring cat home and take to a shelter or something ok Monday: shelters have high kill rates and this cat is nice and smart and i will rehome her myself ok maybe my boss will take her idk Tuesday: *catches cat and brings home* SHE WAS SO GOOD SHE DIDN'T CRY AND DIDN'T TRY TO SCRATCH ME WHEN I PUT HER IN
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    Nose - shittycryptids Follow Profanitee A manatee that swears at random times voidnachos Follow FUCK.
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    Rectangle - death2america Follow Aug 30 · 7 days ago "You are not a horse," the FDA said Time travels to show this screenshot to someone 10 years ago and ask them to figure out what happened callmebliss-got-swamped Follow They wouldn't even have a "horse loose in a hospital" meme to reference Source: death2america 10,279 notes
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    Font - A dracumon you know how in some video games you'll get an animal companion that follows you every where? i thought it was cute until it started happening IRL with this fucking dog. My parent's dog literally follows me everywhere and when i'm not moving he just sits there and either looks at me or sleeps. i went to take a shower and he fell asleep outside the bathroom door waiting for me. like go the fuck away. go away!! joshpeck i have never read anything so ungrateful in my lifetime
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    Font - tearlessrain Follow a garbage man ran out of the bushes in front of my car, which is fine because l'm used to deer on that road and was already driving carefully, but I'm so used to deer that instead of like, watching the truck to see if he was crossing again I watched the bushes he'd come from in case there were like. 1-2 smaller, frailer garbage men following him I guess.
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    Sky - perfectly-imperfect-cats 5 agents-reassemble Follow ! REI tilthat TIL: Goats have accents and can't understand Goats from foreign countries because their accents are different via reddit.com bransrath I can't believe God divided goats also. What did they do? illuminati-jew Goat tower of babel silvysartfulness baabel tigerleggies This shit is the real reason we can't leave tumblr Source: tilthat
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    Font - snout being a macroorganism is so stressful. i want to know what my cells are doing. I don't like how unsupervised they are weepingwitch my cells govern themselves, I'm mostly just a figurehead keysmashingbicth my body is a constitutional monarchy and i am its powerless queen
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    Font - soaringsearingphoenix Follow The worst part of human adulthood is being your own zookeeper soaringsearingphoenix Follow Like... i have to make sure my meals are nutritionally balanced... i have to make sure that the space i occupy is big enough, and interesting enough, and provide enrichment to make up for the lack of novelty... i have to make sure i get exercise... i'm not qualified for this tiny--gay-munchkin Follow #bro I have to make sure I get to my OWN vet visits #I have to push myS
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    Forehead - A 4est Dr. Brian Fisher California Academy of Sciences thundercrumbs DOCTOR FISHER GET OFF THAT MANS FACE YOU'RE A SCIENTIST NOW ACT LIKE ONE
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    Font - burgrs *petting my cat* please cure my depression cat: *prrbhbphr* me: thanks pizzapugss Fun fact! Cats don't only purr because they're content! When they're sick, or when a kitten/companion is sick, they purr to help heal faster. So if you're feeling down and your cat friend comes up to purr on you, it's because they sense something's up and they want to help you feel better! psychicbirdstarlight Imagine beeing an animal that literally has a build in 'comfort my loved ones' function and
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    Black - shittycryptids A peacock but all of the eyes on the feathers are human. The spreading of the tail isn't a mating display; it's to help with finding and hunting prey. Similarly to a chameleon, you can tell when it has locked onto a target because all of the dozens of eyes that were previously looking in different directions suddenly snap to look at one thing. Otherwise it's a normal peacock and interacts normally with other peacocks, grazing on vegetation and occasionally eating rodents o

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