I Can Has Cheezburger?

An Extra Dose Of Pawmusing Cat And Dog Tweets For The Soul

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    Font - Wesley O @WesleyLowery got one of those cameras that alerts me if the puppy is barking while i'm out. my genius puppy has figured out that if he barks i'll talk to him through the camera. so now he barks until i talk and then runs to the front door assuming he's summonsed me back home 12:33 PM · Sep 9, 2021 12.1K 219 O Copy link to Tweet

    We would be amazed at this pupper's superior and incredible skillz and knowledge if we were not so heckin' busy being amazed by how adorable he is. This... this is why dogs are too good for this world. This is heartbreakingly cute. How could you ever leave this pup alone long enough to go to work omg.

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    Photograph - Matthew Pritt @MatthewTPritt I caught my cat phase shifting into another dimension again. 10:04 AM · Sep 6, 2021 44.4K 140 O Copy link to Tweet

    Oh lawd. This is it, you have caught the moment. We never thought we would be able to capture it on camera, but you did it. Now, if we could only learn to imitate this mystical ability and join our cat in the other dimension, we would finally be able to learn the reason behind why cats always yell at closed doors. 

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    Vertebrate - Seán Keany •.. @SeanKeany_ Lads, can we all just take a second to look at the cat that was sat in the pub last night? 6:01 AM · Sep 9, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 7,737 Retweets 622 Quote Tweets 68.5K Likes AMSTEL BIER
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    Font - O glennis @glennis_menace sorry l'm late, my cat and I were exchanging slow blinks 8:32 AM · Sep 9, 2021 153.4K 209 O Copy link to Tw...
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    Organism - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob your cat waking you up at 4am: 6:13 PM · Sep 4, 2021 22.1K 118 P Copy link to Tweet pretty
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    Font - Trey Smith @SlimiHendrix i woof and bark at my dog when he's woofing and barking at me and i just hope i'm not calling him any dog slurs by accident 5:44 PM · Sep 6, 2021 2K P Copy link to Tweet
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    Font - Life Advice @adviceburner when a cat meows at you, don't be rude and not respond. meow back 9:43 PM · Sep 7, 2021 526.2K 1.5K S Copy link to Tw...
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    Product - Gwen C. Katz @gwenckatz The whole internet loves Hardhat Cat, a lovely cat that wears a hardhat! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the cat supports the annexation of Crimea praxisastrOTogy Ton celebrating our heroes today... like this unionized cat 18 t7 712 ♡ 5.4K regular gem @Choplogik Replying to @praxisastrology is MoCTuK, the bridge cat :) unfortunately used as PR for the annexation of Crimea Translate Tweet 3:18 PM · Sep 7, 2021 29K 104 O Copy link to Tweet
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    Font - Zack Budryk O @BudrykZack Every time the puppy has an outing I feel like when she gets home the cats are thinking "you brought it BACK???" 4:33 PM · Sep 6, 2021 48 P Copy link to Tweet
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    Cat - Will @Matarael Nothing suspicious about this cat at all. 3:30 AM · Sep 5, 2021 8.2K 46 O Copy link to Tweet
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    Nose - SMadimoiselle @drivingmemadi seeing a picture of a cat delicious Finally, some good fucking brain chemicals 6:03 AM · Sep 8, 2021 10.7K 18 Copy link to Tweet
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    Font - Sena-Tor Johnson Meow @SenatorMeow the dog from paw patrol has quit the force after the mayor mandated heartworm vaccines 7:07 AM · Sep 4, 2021 13.7K 5 See the latest COVID-19 info...
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    Font - Mrs. Detective Pikajew, Esq. @clapifyoulikeme This is how all cat owners sound Shaenon K. Garrity @shaenongarrity Replying to @NeolithicSheep Here's the teenage emperor of Japan in the 9th century bragging about his cat, the first recorded instance of cats in Japan. On March 11, 889 CE, 17-year-old Emperor Uda wrote: "On the 6th Day of the 2nd Month of the First Year of the Kampo era. Taking a moment of my free time, I wish to express my joy of the cat. It arrived by boat as a gift to the
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    Font - Ben Rosen @ben_rosen oh you don't want my dog to bark at you? then why would you stand calmly within a 2 mile radius of my house 10:41 AM · Sep 6, 2021 43.9K 142 P Copy link to Tweet
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    Product - richard scott larson @larsonrichard Home from a wedding where my job was to escort the ring bearer 1:31 PM · Sep 5, 2021 856K 9 3.4K O Copy link to Tweet
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    Purple - WholesomeMemes @WholesomeMeme 12:00 PM · Sep 6, 2021 10.9K O 20 O Copy link to Tweet
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    Bird - Russian Memes United @RussianMemesLtd Did you bring me the fishos? Show the bread first сперва покажи Xreo ты принес мне рыбов? 11:15 AM · Sep 6, 2021 5.3К 8 Copy link to Tweet
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    Rectangle - PAVLOV THE CORGI @PAVGOD List of bad dogs: 4:44 PM · Sep 4, 2021 10.6K 184 Copy link to Tweet
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    Musical instrument - Shaparak Khorsandi @Shappikhorsandi I love that my daughter plays standing up, rather than disturbing the cat. Yor YAMAHA 8:15 AM · Sep 9, 2021 12.9K 9 150 O Copy link to Tweet
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    Carnivore - rosé @fairydreamys free the cat! THEY CAN NOT GET OUT! TOILET BUT! CATSA OPAST HERE! KEE P CLOSED 口ロロ□ 口回ロ口 6:38 AM · Sep 10, 2021 847 6. P Copy link to Tweet
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    Property - Daniel Tilles @danieltilles1 Gdańsk's top-rated tourist attraction: cute dog on the balcony (open 24 hours) Słodki pies na balkonie 4.9 ***** 522 reviews Tourist attraction Directions Nearby Send to your phone Save Share Mueu y Gdańsk RUDNIK 6:31 AM · Sep 6, 2021 9K 9 46 O Copy link to Tweet

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