I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    True frog - @ickle_dead YouTube transcribed this frog's ribbits Chi burn it up burn it up burn it up burn it up all right 5:59 AM · 1/11/21 · Twitter for Android

    YouTube, you really did that didn't you? We appreciate YouTube's efforts in attempt at frog to English translation! This silly tweet made us smile and laugh and now we're onnnn to the next one. 

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    Photograph - watching the chipotle worker try to wrap my burrito that has every ingredient in the store

    Oh heck yeah, stuff it in, get it all in there. Yes I want guacamole, yes I know it costs extra, just please put it in my burrito, sir! We are embarrassed to say we may have intimidated a few chipotle employees in the past with our decadent burrito requests, 

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    Dog - Bruce Landlord Today 11:18 AM It is clear in the lease: no pets are allowed in the apt. Sorry Delivered OK I will make an exception because he looks very polite
  • 4
    Dog - THERE IS A RANDOM LOOSE DOG IN MY 8 AM I CANNOT MAKE THIS UP Random Dog @Inthat8am I pay tuition just like everyone else
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  • 5
    Water - Land of cuteness @landpsychology I don't have the heart to tell him that he is not a dog! 6:04 PM · 8/30/20 · Postcron App
  • 6
    Dog - How I sleep knowing food is hella delicious and I get to eat more of it tomorrow...
  • 7
    Green - When your plan to conquer the earth is coming together nicely
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    Dog - Kai Giudici McCann @kaimccann_ Groomer took my dog from loveable teddy bear to sewer rat on heroin
  • 9
    Dog - Kids will call your name 1000 times just to turn around and do something like this
  • 10
    Head - Me: "Alright, be cool. Your crush is walking towards you. You got this." Also Me:
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  • 11
    Dog - When you're trippin hard and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror
  • 12
    Head - Imagine taking a nap on the titanic and waking up to this
  • 13
    Dog - When u invite her over to watch a movie knowing damn well u don't own a TV
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  • 14
    Ferret - me: no problemo narrator: but it was all problemo GladysOpossum
  • 15
    Wood - Me, getting ready to make the same bad choice but also being a little more prepared from the last time it backfired.
  • 16
    Frog - When you sit on the bed naked after showering procrastinating going to work.

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