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Twitter Thread: Hooligan Kittens Who Get Into All The Places They Shouldn't

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    Font - Sarah Hollowell ... @sarahhollowell "Get a kitten," they said, "it'll be fun," they said, "you definitely won't be listening to him play under the couch and then you pull it away from the wall and he's not there so you touch the back of your couch and it touches back because the KITTEN IS INSIDE THE COUCH" 3:27 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,233 Retweets 154 Quote Tweets 17K Likes

    Oh, man, we remember the first time we found our kitten inside of the couch. The heart attack we had before finding her there, listening to her muffled little meows, was unparalleled to anything else. We still get war flashbacks. It hurts. We're fine, not traumatized at all. 

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    Product - Sarah Hollowell ... @sarahhollowell Extremely thankful he got himself out because oh my God I wouldn't know where to START with extracting him 3:29 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

    Personally, we had to disassemble a part of the couch, but yes, we understand how this solution is the less traumatizing one. We are glad the little guy managed to get out of there on his own, because for the most part, these ridiculous felines know how to get themselves in but not so much how to get themselves out. 

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    Rectangle - Sarah Hollowell @sarahhollowell Bright side this gave me an opportunity to pick up the ten million cat toys that were under the couch 3:31 PM - Sep 18, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Savannah Fitzwater @Atomic_Fitz Replying to @sarahhollowell Same! One kitten found a gap in the kitchen cabinet toekick & kept climbing through to a DIFFERENT apartment. We thought he was getting out the front door until one Saturday morning the neighbor knocked at our door, kitten in hand, instead of putting him outside again 5:20 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Font - LA Knight ( @LA_Knight89 Replying to @sarahhollowell One of our cats made himself a little hidey-hole inside our old couch and we didn't know. Turns out, among other things he hid in there besides himself, there was an entire loaf of bread. Which he had been snacking on off and on for like 8 months. 4:13 PM Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter Web App
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    Light - Your Fairy Clown Godparent @MsCaityCat Replying to @sarahhollowell Here's a picture of Bartholomew in the ceiling. Yes, she's literally above the ceiling tiles and relaxing by one of the lights. 3:33 AM - Sep 19, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Cat - Dash8onSteroids @FreeseVera Replying to @sarahhollowell Got a shelter cat and on day 2 she got into the basement ceiling and vanished. No mews, no noise. We spent days drilling holes in the house looking for her. We thought she'd died. She had jumped down into a space beside the fireplace. She's fine. I've lost years of my life.
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    Product - Bradley Ogilvie @ManOfMadness Replying to @sarahhollowell Same. I always make sure she's not underneath it before opening the footrest. 1:05 AM - Sep 19, 2021 from Georgia, USA Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - the ice queen @GlacierMonarch Replying to @sarahhollowell My kitten who is now a year old but still a wild child gets under/inside the couch to attack our feet from under the couch. I started putting a blanket on top across the cushions too because she would reach her clawed paws thru the cushions and grab ass cheeks. 11:00 PM - Sep 18, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Cat - cori ... @corialias Replying to @sarahhollowell My full grown adult cat tore a hole in the bottom of the box spring, then made a habit of getting inside and meowing VERY LOUDLY. Now I keep a fitted sheet upside down on the box spring. (Photo of criminal included.
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    Font - Squirrel Herder @squirrelshorts ... Replying to @corialias and @sarahhollowell I once had a cat that did this and she stuffed a hoard of trash, toys, and stolen random objects up in the box spring, including a steak knife that she somehow got from our kitchen. I have no idea what she was planning but l'm glad we stopped it 7:46 AM - Sep 19, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Photograph - Euna (9LH) F. Park *+ @efparkery Replying to @sarahhollowell One time this lil guy he was going to hide in an enclosed area under the toilet bowl in the bathroom and I couldn't find him for like an hour. And when I finally found him, I couldn't get him out without destroying the toilet so I just had to wait for him to come out on his own. MILTON
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    Font - Amelia Bloody Rose @AmeliaRoseWrite Replying to @sarahhollowell *I'm downstairs; sad meow from above* "Are you upstairs in a closet?" *1 go upstairs; sad meow from below* "Hang on, what--" *sad meow from In Between* "How did you even get INTO the ducts?" 1:44 AM - Sep 19, 2021 · Twitter Web App
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    Font - Dawn Schelthelm @DawnSchelthelm Replying to @Atomic_Fitz and @sarahhollowell Years ago, I moved into an apartment and the first day there, we couldn't find one of our cockatiels. Silly bird found a hole in the bathroom wall behind the medicine cabinet and ended up in the neighbor's bathroom. He was fine; apt. mgr. fixed the hole & no more adventures. 6:42 PM Sep 18, 2021 · Twitter Web App

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