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Friendly Neighbor Gets To Know All The Neighborhood Doggos

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    Font - I know where every dog in my neighborhood lives, and when they are lost or hurt they come sit on my porch until I notice them. [Fluff] It suddenly hit me how funny and weird my relationship with the neighborhood dogs is. I have taken them ALL home, fed them, or warmed them up in cold weather at some point when they have escaped their yards. Now, when they need help, they come and sit at the front door until I realize that they are there. We have Boa, who escapes her yard ALL THE TIME. She

    Aw, poor Boa! This sweet girl needs a little extra love, and this friendly neighbor is more than happy to give it to her. We support this kind individual's attempts at taking care of the neighborhood doggos.

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    Font - Kloe, who is super tiny and has really long fur. Her people leave her outside in the snow a LOT and she gets snow clumps all over her arms and belly. She escapes her yard when she needs someone to soak her in warm water to get all the snow off. Then she spends the rest of the day with me and her people never notice until I take her home. She loves me to death and her people are always surprised with how excited she is to see me because she is usually shy. Sometimes I bring her new toys to
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    Font - Pyra, who is best friends with my collie. She doesn't escape too often, but when she does she plays with my dog until I pry her away and take her home. (My dog cries when she leaves. We call her his girlfriend) Scooby, who has been picked up by police a LOT. He sits on the porch until I open the door, then he just waltzes right in like he owns the place. He thinks my female dog is irresistibly sexy, so he cannot stay very long.

    Ruh roh! Sounds like Scooby is a bit of a trouble maker. We are impressed by these complex analysis of each doggo's individual characteristics. They all sound like such characters. We love a tightly knit neighborhood!

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    Font - And the dog with no name. I don't know why he has no name. His people just...didn't give him one. They actually ask me if I want him every time I take him home. He is well fed, lives in the house, sits and shakes on command, and gets super excited to see his people so I don't get it! But he finds himself on my porch a LOT. (Maybe they leave him there, ha!) I'm happy to help them all, but it's kind of hilarious when people see me calling these dogs by name and ask me if they are mine. Nope

    And now for the pictures. 

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    No name pittie boy

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    Kloe! I don't have many good pictures of her because she's always moving.

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    Scooby's mug shot after he got arrested

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    Sweet Boa

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    Rectangle - Snickerswo1f• 1d The dog without a name is odd lol, he has no name, they dont want him but they take excellent care of him. Truly odd. G Reply 206 V +
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    Font - Daykri • 1d I have no idea where every dog in my neighborhood lives, but the children know about 90% of the time. I did have a lab mix that made friends with every living thing she ever met. Seriously. Because of that, there were dogs that would come visit us if they got out. One in particular made an impression on me. Most dogs would come and run along the fence hoping that my dog (aka their bestie) was out. This was not good enough for this Boxer. He would come to the front door and kno
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    Font - clumsypolarb3ar · 1d I used to do the same thing with this basset hound. If I remember correctly her name was Sadie? Anyways, she lived a street over and quickly learned if she came to me when she got out then she would get pets, treats and get taken home. I saw her maybe once a month. She was an older dog. The last time I saw her she brought the new dog with her. Unfortunately (for me), the neighbor behind us put up a fence around their yard and I never got to see them again. G Reply A 1
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    Font - Snickerswo1f • 1d Its refreshing to see someone post something where they point out flaws in someone's dog ownership without being rude at all about it. That's amazing. Usually they bring down my mood when people start to get mad cause i also get somewhat mad. G Reply A 36 V
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    Font - findinganonemos · 1d You mean the world to each one of those pups. You represent warmth, safety, satiety, love, fun. I wish you could take them all. Thank you kind human. Thank you for caring for pups the way you do. G Reply A 4 V +
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    Product - everyoneelsehasadog · 1d Oh this is too much. Bless them all, and you! For snow clumps if you're in a rush, I've heard a whisk gets them off quickly before the soak to warm up G Reply A 8 V CollieflowersBark OP • 1d I will definitely have to try that this winter! Her fur is really long and just knots through the snow so badly. I actually use Musher's Secret on my dog's paws and get him trimmed up a bit before winter...I should ask if they'll let me take her to the groomer, haha! + A 6
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    Font - InAHundred Years • 1d You're an angel. It's amazing to hear this, in a world where most of us know almost nothing about our neighbors. G Reply A 17 V + LoLoLovez • 1d Cosmo: Mcnab/BC/Aussie Walking my dog helped me to meet so many neighbors! I know them by name, and we share homemade canned goods. We knew only one before we got Cosmo. A 5 V ...
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    Font - whyareweagain · 1d I really appreciate that this is a thing. When I was in my teens my parents always made fun of me for knowing all the dogs in the neighborhood. One day one of them got lost but knew where I lived. He was a giant great Dane. But he only had three legs. His name was gunner, that's not relevant but I still remember him. He scared my mom when he tried coming into the garage to find me. After informing her of the potential situation. A few minutes later I got ready for the w

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