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Heartwarming Instances Of Vets Going Above And Beyond For Their Patients

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    Font - A Vet went above and beyond [Discussion] Last Sunday our girl Bella who was fighting lymphoma quickly took a turn for the worse and needed to be put to rest. A call to our regular vet just gave a recording and the callback never came. We eventually found one who was open on Sunday. They were able to help us and everyone was exceptionally kind in the very difficult time. Today, 1 week later, we received a sympathy card from that Vet which was personally signed by 14 members of the staff. S

    Wow! Grieving pet owners need exactly this. Such a rare and appreciated gesture is so very valuable and just makes us appreciate the wonderful lives we shared with our pets that much more. 

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    Font - trouser-chowder • 17h Leave them a good review on Google. Good reviews, especially for vets, can be very helpful to both them and to potential pet parents in need. 6 Reply 1 74 Inner_Calligrapher_5 OP · 14h Thanks for the idea. Done. 4 24 StephAg09 · 12h Golden Retriever & Great Dane That and food. Ive worked at a bunch of vet hospitals and every single team always appreciates the clients that bring food! 4 12 3

    Go out of your way to leave your clinic a good review and spread the positivity!

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    Font - SnoozinStanley · 9h I took my very sick cat in to the vets and turned out he had cancer. I thought it was hyperthyroidism. Have had cats with that before. The vet offered for me to come back later with my husband after spoiling my little shadow for the past 15 years all day. The vet herself cradled him and took him to the back after he'd passed. A week later we also received a beautiful signed sympathy card with personal messages from each of the staff. It was also the first time we've ev

    We are truly moved by the devoted vet, her passion for taking care of animals inspired this grieving cat owner to feel incredibly supported. And at the end of the day folks, that's what it's all about. 

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    Rectangle - ThatNovelist · 17h Thisbe - MAS Good vets aren't just available, they're empathetic. I'm glad you found one that was able to help you with such a difficult time. G Reply 4 47 3 ... +
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    Font - TryToDoGoodTA • 16h It wasn't for my dog, but another pet who had a chronic illness but still quality of life one late (think lam) Saturday Night/Sunday morning went downhill and was obviously in pain. The only 24 hour vet had a $500 surcharge for after hours and at the time that was our fortnights income. When we went to the vet (and found out just how much it would be) the receptionist could see we really couldn't afford it, and probably heard me calling my Dad to try and borrow some mo
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    Font - srkhs78 · 13h This sounds like our emergency vet. Our boy went downhill overnight. I had to call them on a Saturday morning to see if they could get him in, and the receptionist said it would be an automatic $250 emergency visit fee. Didn't care, our boy was in massive pain. Vet came out, saw him, and it was obvious to her that he probably wouldn't last the weekend. So we made the decision to help him to the Bridge. We did all the paperwork beforehand, and were mentally (not so much monet
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    Font - Grandpa_Dan • 17h It's more common than you think. My wife called Chewy to cancel Rudee's insulin shipment after his passing in her arms. Flowers were delivered two days later. Classy outfit. G Reply 29 + ...
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    Font - ShutupJulie · 14h Our local vet will light a candle in the waiting area common practice around here if an owner is losing a pet. They also have a shadow box for an office cat the had that passed. They are a very loving group and appreciate every pet that comes through.
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    Font - Creative_Put_6464 · 15h My condolences. I lost mine in July, I know how hard it is. I got a signed card, along with some kind words for my dog. They really seemed to like her there. She was very loveable and affectionate (typical lab I guess).
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    Font - Ahabsstarbuck · 7h Doberman That's awesome that you found such a great vet. My boy just passed away. My regular vet was out that day so we saw someone we had never seen. He seemed gruff and a little tired of and apathetic about dogs. I was really worried. He took him back to put the catheter in and when he came back he was the exact opposite. He had the staff light candles everywhere and told them not to make any noise. He was kind to Pip and even cried. He cried with me. Told me to stay
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    Font - Worldly_Assistant634 · 12h Lacey Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Such a heartbreaking time when our beloved pets need help at end-of-life. (Amplify exponentially when the vet you've entrusted with their care is not available and there's not a way to contact during a critical time). I'm so sorry and am overwhelmed by the kindness of this veterinary practice. The card you received is a priceless treasure. you had to part ways with your fur baby G Reply 金24
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    Font - PandaChick07 · 10h I feel for you on this. I hope you all are coping well through this, it is one hell of a time. We just had to put our blue heeler down on Sept 7 because of lymphoma as well. Thankful for the vetrenary service we had. About a week after we received a card as well and ours they put in cards that had his nose print on one and paw prints on another.

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