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Giant Rabbit Spurs Funny Twitter Thread

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    Let's start with some background: this is a Flemish Giant

    Photograph - Cloudy ... @Cloudy00100 Do you guys know about Flemish Giant Rabbits? They're HUGE!

    Flemish Giants are enormous, enormous rabbits. If you look at the ones in the photos here you can see that well, they're pretty big. All that means is that there's more rabbit to love, and who wouldn't want that?

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    Cool, right?

    Font - Brother Nature @BrotherNature These are called Flemish Giants! They are the largest rabbit breed. The male Flemish Giant can weigh up to 22 pounds and the female can get up to 20 pounds. At most, they grow to be 2.5 feet long.

    Here are some more facts about Giant Flemish rabbits, just to give you some more background for what's in store… Cute, friendly, and interesting rabbits. So it wouldn't be a surprise if someone wanted to do a news story about them, right?

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    So an adorable Flemish Giant appeared on the news...

    Smile - Randy Brock @RandyBrockMN We've got one big bunny on our 5 o'clock news. He's a Flemish Giant. KTTC
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    Twitter user @pookleblinky was bothered by this.

    Vertebrate - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky ... If I had an enormous rabbit I wouldn't be on the news just holding it up. I'd be on the news for using it to rob a bank or mug someone, or something.
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    Plant - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky · Apr 29 ... Replying to @pookleblinky I mean come on, you've got a huge ass rabbit. Just holding it up is a waste of a perfectly good giant rabbit. You're telling me you've never even considered walking into a bank brandishing your enormous rabbit and demanding everyone get on the fucking floor Puinoanieg Provoost
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    Dog - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky · Apr 29 You're telling me you've never considered going viral on social media by pretending your dog groomer has drastically and inexplicably fu ted up your dog's haircut
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    Sky - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky · Apr 29 I just feel if I had an enormous rabbit l'd be having a lot more fun with it than the people who own enormous rabbits.
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    Rabbit - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky ... l'd *definitely* put this rabbit in a pram and freak out parents by feeding my baby fistfuls of raw vegetables
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    Rectangle - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky ... "oh my god you can't feed a whole head of cabbage to a baby!" *reveals it's a giant rabbit*
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    With these final words, @pookleblinky ended an epic and hilarious rant.

    Organism - Anosognosiogenesis @pookleblinky Walk into a fancy restaurant, order their finest salad, then whip this monster bunny out and we're wearing matching formal attire
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    Twitter users reacted strongly, although not to the rabbit.

    Human body - christina r wodtke: the R is for radical focus @cwodtke Replying to @pookleblinky and @beccanalia She is scarier than the megabunny.
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    Felidae - Rae @Rae_209 Replying to @pookleblinky "I have been given much." I'll say. I HAVE BEEN GIVEN MUCH.

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