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Tumblr Thread: Criminally Intelligent Cat Causing Chaos

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    Font - kaity--did Follow Do you know how hard it is to live with a cat that has the intelligence level of literally like a 3 year old but the pure chaos of a high ranking demon? He's learned to open the lazy Susan and won't stop clawing open the flour and rolling in it like a little chinchilla

    Yes. Yes, we do know what it is like to live with a cat like that. Anyone who says that living with dumb cats is difficult, try to live with a smart cat for a while. Dumb cats cause madness for the most part accidentally. Smart cats do it on purpose, looking you in the eye as they are seconds away from destroying all of the things that you love. 

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    Dog - kaity--did Follow Criminal charges

    Caught and does not give a heck. Look at this long hooligan. There is no regret in this cat's eyes, and he does not think he should regret it either. He's living his life, doing what he wants to be doing, and you lifting him up and scalding him is just a mild inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. This hooligan will continue hooliganing, and we can only hope that you will continue blogging about it.

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    Cat - synebluetoo Follow Free him kaity--did Follow No he's a criminal
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    Cat - synebluetoo Follow My client has been unfairly charged and I will expose this kangaroo court kaity--did Follow I'd like to submit evidence to the jury Exhibit A
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    Font - kaity--did Follow Hey hey hey HEY He's been CRAWLING INTO THE BOTTOM CABINETS to TEAR OPEN THE INSTANT POTATOES and EAT BAGS AND BAGS OF THEM I'm livid but also impressed. pigcatapult Follow Do you have anything with that kind of texture that he can safely play with? This sounds like an understimulation issue.
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    Font - kaity--did Follow He's not playing with it He's eating it. I can tell because the bags are nearly empty except for a few small clumps. I knew he loves mashed potatoes. I just didn't know the extent he'd go to to get them.
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    Rectangle - kaity--did Follow No harm in having a blood test to check for the slim chance that they have a diet defficiency. But more likely than not that cat is just a regular gremlin seeking forbidden treasure mrsketchy
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    Font - We had him tested and in the course of that vet visit he stole 6 tips 3 of the ear light cover things Our other cats collar the ear bud of the vets stethoscope OB several hearts a plastic glove the vet techs hair tie Also yeah he's fine he just likes to steal
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    Cat - synebluetoo Follow Not guilty by reason of deficiency of other people's stuff kaity--did Follow
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    Font - This is his ledge His ledge is taller then my husband who is 6'2" I am 5'5" I have to get the step ladder out once a week and see what Orange Sherbert has taken to his ledge for safe keeping. It's usually the remote. 39,091 notes

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