I Can Has Cheezburger?

Rise And Shine With 19 Funny Animal Memes

  • 1
    Cat - obsessed w these pics of my cat trying to eat fake grass IRBARY MIBININ

    This is what you get when you are a total jerk, kitten. We are laughing at you, and we do not even feel bad about it. When our cat started eating plants, the amount of things we tried to stop him from doing it is not even funny. We should have just done this. One fake plant, a bit of trauma, and… it wouldn't have stopped anyway. Jerks. We love them too much for our own good.

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  • 2
    Dog - Met a little mouse on our walk. Despite his size, Pod was very careful with it. My gentle giant

    This is why(!) people constantly think that dogs are nicer than cats. And they are. It's true. They are too nice and pure for this world, and even we, as cat people, can admit it. We love dogs. But we still love our cats an unhealthy amount too. They may be jerks who are definitely planning to take over the world, but they are our jerks. 

  • 3
    white footed mice - me in the work bathroom after having a mental breakdown
  • 4
    Flower - He's extremely proud of his painting 2014 Boomer
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  • 5
    Furniture - Should I deal with my glaring emotional issues or should I just keep filling my house with more raccoons? @insta_raccoon_gram
  • 6
    Cat - When you realize you're wrong in the middle of an argument and use your body to show who's really superior
  • 7
    Fawn - when my friends come to me for advice on the occult
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  • 8
    Smile - Friend: I had a dream where I kissed Keanu Reeves! My dreams:
  • 9
    Vertebrate - Haven't been able to stop thinking about this pic. The warmth. The scrunched face. Ears. Im so happy for her
  • 10
    Human body - When ur one beer away from blacking out and u see yourself in the mirror and wonder why u do this every weekend
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  • 11
    Dog - "There are no bad dogs, all dogs are nice" Chihuahuas:
  • 12
    Photograph - Might as well stay and have one more. Wife is going to bite my head off anyway.
  • 13
    Vertebrate - When you leave home and everything reminds u of your dog @Bich SlayingsOfficial
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  • 14
    Mirror - "Start the day with a smile" Me:
  • 15
    Vertebrate - Be not afraid
  • 16
    Font - slate @PleaseBeGneiss we'll be 4 horsemen deep into apocalypse and still going to work 9:44 AM · 9/13/21 · Twitter for iPhone 2,898 Retweets 105 Quote Tweets 17.2K Likes slate @PleaseBeGneiss · 5h Replying to @PleaseBeGneiss boss: why were you late me: a lake of fire swallowed the freeway boss: i feel like you're not considering how this affects the team 11 27 236 1,736
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  • 17
    Dog - My dog turns into a caterpillar when she sees the nail clippers
  • 18
    Plant - When your goat is more metal than the bands you listen to.
  • 19
    Food - Pure bread pug MCENNEDY ANIREANARY Toast American Style MCENNEDY ELASSIC AMERIOAN w Toast Omarican Style MOCNNEDY NNEDY

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