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Rise And Shine With Fresh Animal Memes (September 19, 2021)

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    Cartoon - Me walking by people in line to pick up my mobile order

    Hey, do not judge us for being responsible humans who are aware of the magics of technological advancement. We will walk through that line like the bosses that we are - every single heckin' time. But, knowing this will not stop us from hating everyone else who does it too. 

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    Product - Me: Sorry, can't go out tonight, I have so much to do *takes quiz to see what kind of pizzal am*

    Knowing the type of pizza that you are is an impawtant activity, and no one can tell us otherwise. How else will we know what to order? How else will we know if we are compatible with our partners? By not taking this quiz, you are risking your whole relationship. So, like, respect, yo.

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    Vertebrate - My kidnappers returning me after listening to me talk about dogs for two hours ethingsdoghandlerssay 414
  • 4
    Dog - Cats with time machine: Imao cool humans still work for us Dogs with time machine: can you help me onto the couch im sleepy what the fuck is that
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  • 5
    Dog - How to confuse machine learning:
  • 6
    Cat - When you let out a huge fart and the pain in your stomach vanishes inner peace
  • 7
    Font - drew olanoff @yoda actual thing our electrician just said: you have a raccoon nested in your attic. did you guys eat king snow crabs, because he has a bunch of them up there. (we did not have any snow crabs) 9:07 AM · 9/14/21 · Twitter Web App
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  • 8
    Head - When someone you don't like puts their weird hand on your shoulder
  • 9
    Mouth - Self care is putting your face on a very soft cat
  • 10
    Food - Ever wondered what those little holes in pizza boxes are for?
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  • 11
    Hand - Me trying to explain to my cat why he can't have more treats Му cat
  • 12
    Product - Are you religious? I'd like to introduce you to my religion what's your religion I'm interested ...
  • 13
    Dog - Me: Are you a wolf or a corgi? Him: Yes. Me: Send a pic.
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  • 14
    Water - Me every morning The alarm clock
  • 15
    Photograph - Tibetan Foxes look like someone tried to draw a normal fox & couldn't get the face right
  • 16
    Cat - My cat is sad because life has given him many many lemons - but he's a cat so he can't make lemonade
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  • 17
    Ecoregion - "Money can't buy happiness" Me with money: PhotoGrid
  • 18
    Rabbit - me about to self sabotage my life again
  • 19
    Cat - Big Cat: Everything the light touches belongs to us. Kitten: What about the shadowy stuff? Big Cat: That also belongs to us. Everything belongs to us. Source pixiebutterandjelly tumblr
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  • 20
    Dog - Please be careful with my baby
  • 21
    Cat - When you eat too fast and puke, but you made it to the carpet in time.

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