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Napping With Dogs: Silly Instances Of Humans And Dogs Catching Zs Together

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    Font - Best thing in the world is napping with your dog. [Fluff] Just lightly napping with my dog on a recliner sofa is my favorite thing in the world. What is yours? 1.2k 82 ↑, Share + Award

    This user prefers a recliner sofa as his resting method of choice. Interesting. We find ourselves tending to lean towards the hammock experience as the optimal doggo nap, but hey, to each his own! 

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    Font - foxfaebae • 9h Yes!! One day I had my legs up on the couch, propped up against the arm rest. pup laid in between my legs with her head on my chest. Her and I fell asleep for over an hour like that. I think I was super sad that day too, so I just held her. It honestly was uncomfortable but was comforting

    Our dogs have a way of cheering us up regardless of how sad, upset, or confused we are. They just run right up to us and give us all the love we didn't know we deserved. So much wholesome goodness. 

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    Font - MrsBarnes1988 • 12h Taking a nap with my dog on my bed. She doesn't normally go on there but she knows she's allowed to if she wants. Sometimes l'll just lay my head down in the middle of the day and she'll come and join me no question. Seconds later her breathing will go heavy and her eyelids twitch. Then she'll let me be big spoon! Never does it at night, only daytime naps. 6 Reply 1 129 3 +
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    Font - Earl_I_Lark · 11h I was napping with one of my dogs in my hammock today. Lovely breeze blowing. Then I was joined by two large fluffy cats. Made things a bit crowded. G Reply 80
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    Rectangle - working_mommy · 12h O 1 Award I'm not a good napper...but man when a migraine hits, and I'm laying in a dark room, to have my pup climb up and basically try to become my second skin. G Reply 1 37 3
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    Font - replacethesenuts · 11h Waking up with him in the morning. He gives me kisses and we usually snuggle for a bit 6 Reply 1 34 3
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    Font - TheRealCeeBeeGee · 10h Gorgeous greyhounds It's early on a Sunday here, and l'm on the couch with my dogs while the rest of the house still sleeps. We went out for a walk at dawn and then came back and they had breakfast, so now it's snoozing the day away. Big dog is sleeping on her own couch and little dog is snuggled up next to me under a light blanket. She snores very loudly, while her big sister runs in her sleep. Utter bliss.
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    Font - quantumturbo • 9h When I adopted my pupper had a crate set up for him to sleep in. Needless to say after a couple days when we got to know each other he sleeps with me in my bed every night. Haven't used the crate since. Tho he is a bit of a bed hog haha. Reply 1 12 +
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    Font - desert_dweller · 12h Lightly napping, copping some z's, crash and burn, it's all good with my pups. Whether in the recliner, on the floor or snuggled up in bed I don't sleep as well as when I have the dogs. AAMOF, I have one at my feet and one curling bu my side right now.
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    Font - Raiigunn · 9h Napping with my dog on a cold day. He'll lightly tap my head to let him under the covers and he goes to sleep right next to me.
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    Font - Gooberslayer · 7h My dog doesn't like me holding him while he sleeps or when I sleep. He also only sleeps on the floor below my bed at night. Like every night and he would rarely jump on my bed and would rather sleep in my brothers room instead any day of the week. But one day, he went to my room, jumped onto my bed and slept there. When I woke up, I saw him sleeping in a little ball and I think I went to heaven. I still miss that day and can't wait for it to happen again
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    Font - trashcanbecky · 7h I'm a pretty anxious person and always had trouble relaxing and resting. My dog changed all that! Best part of my day is the hour or two after a big walk where we both get to be lazy on the couch. Naps are the best & even better with my dog!
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    Font - jayfaso · 9h The temps dropped real quick the other night and woke up freezing (all windows open!) I decided to lay on the couch and watch tv. Both of my pits jump on top of me and fall asleep. I have never felt safer :)

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