Woman Gets Roasted After Buying A Shirt That Makes Her Look Like 'A Little Lad Who Loves Berries And Cream'

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    The Upsetting Realization

    Mirror - Dana Schwartz @DanaSchwartzzz Bought this shirt because I thought would look chic and french, and instead turns out I actually look like a little lad who loves berries and cream
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    The High Kick Is The Best Bit

    Product - Papagolash @Papagolash ... Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz But can you do the high kick? O YouTube Berries & Cream - The Funniest Version The high kick at the end is the best bit!
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    Spot On Resemblance

    Cartoon - Amanda Leonhardt @othellokitty Young Montgomery Burns vibes...
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    Most Popular Halloween Costume 2021

    Photograph - Glenton Richards ... @glentonrich It's like looking in a mirror @DanaSchwartzzz!00 O
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    Happy Thanksgiving Ensemble Peice

    Hat - JeffFromRegina @JeffFromRegina Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz Often bought together 8:17 PM - 9/23/21 - Twitter Web App
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    Oh No, Not The Seinfeld Shirt

    Product - Pamalam e/OL @scrappywaffles ... Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz It needs more fluffy frills, then u can call it the Seinfeld shirt lol. Seimfelt RSA
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    Come One, Come All!

    Wheel - Tonight's Special Guest #BLM @GuestTonight Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz Have you played the newest Hoop Stick? Its a rousing good time!
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    A Mighty Good Lad Indeed

    Font - Guy Inchair @AGuylnChair ... Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz Accurate. Here's a tuppence, lad! (flips coin) Enjoy yourself a scrumptious boysenberry tart from Missus Muggins Muffin Shoppe for your merry jape!
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    Clothing - butt soup @_jnnfr_ Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz Girl.. same. (We call this the Colonel Shirt)
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    A Critique And A Compliment

    Font - Tweet Greenfield Burgess @GreenfieldBurg1 Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz No offense, but it looks like you are about to terrorize Matilda and her other classmates. (Only critiquing shirt, as you seem very nice) 9:53 PM · 9/23/21 · Twitter for iPhone 216 Likes
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    Another Perfect Hat To Finish The Lewk

    Hat - First Amendment Girl @LA_LaVilla Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz You just need a hat
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    Gang Gang

    Hair - Kristin h @Kristin12514907 · 1d ... Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz Now you can hang with the Faunteleroy gang.
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    Spooky Szn Is Here After All

    Forehead - TobiasMasonPark @jamajesticgoose Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz That Headless Ghost boy look from the Goosebumps TV series.
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    Aesthetic Af

    Font - Bungalow BILL @BungalowBILLcom Replying to @DanaSchwartzzz You need to carry one of those giant lollypops that you buy on the boardwalk.
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    YES Like This

    Smile - Lucky LaRue @LuckyLaRue5 Replying to @BungalowBILLcom and @DanaSchwartzzz Like this?
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    If You Don't Know This Ad You're Too Young

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