More 'Overheard LA' Conversations That Made Us Question If LA Is A Different Planet

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    Font - *Father and son walking out of the toy section Father: "Don't you want hot chicks on your walls instead of Star Wars? I mean, come on, you're in junior high now!" Son: "Dad, you're on some creepy guy stuff right now." Coverheardla

    Thank god for the son who called his dad out for being ridiculous instead of letting his son stick with what he's passionate about. 

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    Font - "There should be a word for that moment when you see someone in LA and you're not sure if you met them at brunch, worked with them, or recognized them from a minor TV role." Coverheardla

    I'm sure they'll come up with the word someday. 

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    Font - Man: "Can I get your number?" Woman: "I have a girlfriend. Sorry." Man: "You're lesbian? But you're so pretty. What a waste!" Woman: "No, I'm bisexual. But men like you make me turn gayer each day." Coverheardla
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    Rectangle - "I refuse to be peer pressured into Nobu." Coverheardla
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    Human body - "Sometimes I pack a duffel and go to LAX and walk the ramps and pretend I'm traveling for work." Coverheardla
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    Font - Guy: "Can I get a latte?" Waitress: "No. We're out of almond milk!" Guy: "Well can I just have it made with regular milk...?" Waitress: "OH. Wow, I'll have to ask but I think we could do that?" Coverheardla
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    Rectangle - "How was your date?" "I played my own drinking game where I took a drink every time he mentioned his podcast. I don't remember a lot." Coverheardla
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    Font - Cashier: "Your lip filler looks amazing, where did you get it done?" Customer: "Good genetics." Cashier: "Where is that? Westside?" Coverheardla
  • 9
    Rectangle - Barista: "Vanilla latte for Gen Z." Woman: "I'm Jen C." Coverheardla
  • 10
    Human body - "You're watching Harry Potter on the second date? Don't you think that's moving a bit too fast?" Coverheardla
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    Rectangle - "I need to start being like the 405; constantly working on myself no matter how inconvenient it is to everyone else." Coverheardla
  • 12
    Human body - "Can you follow me on Insta?" "For how long?" Coverheardla
  • 13
    Font - "What's an invoice?" "It's like a Venmo request for the real world." Coverheardla
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    Rectangle - Guy in prius to pedestrian: "Hey man. Can you do me a favor?" Pedestrian: "Yeah, what's up?" Guy in prius: "Can you please have a great fucking day." Coverheardla

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