I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (20 Images)

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    "Just got her, need help finding a name. I like mushroom, but my mom doesn't."

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    "Female Cat Name?"


    "Female Cat Name? I just picked this kitten up by the dumpster after gaining her trust. I thought it was a sign for me to keep her. My boyfriend and I are having trouble deciding on a name for her. I want something cute or something pertaining to the color orange since she is orange. What yall think?"

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    "Mommy just got a new pup. She asked me to post a picture on "feddit" and ask for name suggestions."

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    "Went to shelter for A kitten..."


    "Went to shelter for A kitten. "It's BOGO cat day," they said. "Theses two are brothers," they said. "They would miss each other," they said. Need TWO names now, suggestions?" 

    Two for one, and you'll be getting twice the amount of love. Thank you for doing this, this is amazing. 

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    "My new cat’s reaction to her forever home"

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    "Walking into work tonight, I found this scared little guy trying to get inside from the rain. Named him Pfizer and we're going to take care of him!"

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    "My new companion, still thinking of name for him"

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    "Just adopted this proud little girl but can't think of a name!"

  • 9

    "Meet Pearl, we just adopted her : )"

  • 10

    "This is Henry, the newest member of our family."

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    "First pup since my ex got the doggos in the divorce. Meet Sierra!"

  • 12

    "My neighbor found this puppy on the side of the road, I think I'm gonna keep her"

  • 13

    "My two new cats! Dio and Jojo. Dio is the black and white cat. And Jojo is the Grey Tabby."

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  • 14

    "Just adopted these two sweet brothers. Our 2.5 year old son chose the names... meet T-Rex and Cardboard"

  • 15

    "My first cat ever. I'm learning bags are more important than toys"

  • 16

    "This is the fourth stray kitten i find near my house. They keep coming and i keep adopting them. Am i cursed?"

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  • 17

    "She’ll never know a life of being cold and eating out of the trash again… and we’ll never know a life of a silent house again. Meet Sage and her big attitude!"

  • 18

    "Found Minnow living in our yard two weeks ago. We couldn’t find an owner so I guess he lives with us now. He’s alright I guess."

  • 19

    "Found this little Devil next to a gas station…"


    "Found this little Devil next to a gas station…took her to the vet the next day (yesterday) and they said she is perfectly clean and healthy. Looks like we've got ourselves a 3rd catto now"

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    "Rescued a tiny kitten from a rainy parking lot today. Catnip banana for scale. Meet Garak...plain, simple Garak."


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