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Puppers 'N Pumpkins: Pawdorable Pictures of Dogs Ready For Halloween

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    Sky - TracyMcGuire @tracykmcguire Pumpkin pick up with my big dog PINPON 2/16

    Here at ICanHas we love big doggos! Especially big doggos getting into the Halloween spirit by helping their hooman pick out fall decorations. The best part of this however is clearly that the pale pumpkins match the adorable dog's coat! How cute is it to match your pumpkins with your dog?

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    Dog - ennvee :) ... @ennvees my mom just sent me these photos of my dog in a pumpkin costume 11:11 PM - Sep 26, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

    There's some great opportunity here to make a pun, allow us to lead the way. What you see here is a pug-kin. Get it? A pug pumpkin! Anyway, this is the cutest pug pumpkin that we've ever seen! We hope to receive a pugkin of our own this year while trick-or-treating!

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    Sky - Martin Putz @DogPerro1 Miss Pumpkin. #DogsofTwittter #Barça.
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    Dog - dream word of the day dream @dreamwOrds ... not at the ppl unfollowing me Imao now u miss out on pumpkin dog so it's ur loss SASH PRXBSA www.s ASKABOUT SASH-TAG RNEUTERED DOGS IAM NEUERED Tryan any of our foreydres and take ar many Make sure pe i us eil d Piease we alchsl golaedh7
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    Pumpkin - Caroline ... @calhoodfanclub Everyone enjoy my pumpkin spice dog for the 1st day of fall
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    Couch - Camp Trash @camp_trash My dog is the cutest pumpkin
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    Sky - Michael Zander ... @MicZan Penny Pumpkin Patch Photo Bomb. #samoyed #dogs
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    Dog - Jess ... @rosewatermoon Omg here's my pup in her pumpkin costume 9:00 PM - Sep 26, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Product - Jenna Martinez @jennamartinezo My parents took our dogs to the pumpkin patch and left my sister at home ll Sprint LTE 2:50 PM n1 62% 4 People > Colleen is just so excited. She gets to pick out her own pumpkin! Aww Kat Where are you guys?? Text Message
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    Dog - David James @OptiUnderground This dog doesn't appreciate her pumpkin costume at all
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    Plant - Jennifer Bew Orr @Jenny_Bew_Orr My puppy in pumpkin patch
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    Dog - Unicorn Petting Zone @ZonePetting It's that time of year again, Pumpkin Spice Latte Season!

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