I Can Has Cheezburger?

Pets Sitting Places They Shouldn't: An Awwdorable Collection Of Funny Photos

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    Product - Jessica Moss @Jessica05338329 When your dog knows he's not allowed on the bed

    Awww what a good doggo! What kind of dog wouldn't want to nap in their hooman's bed. After all, if their hooman isn't home, than who would find out. How would they know? How? 

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    Cat - TIKE TRISRER @chthonicionic This cat is snoring on the worktop. They're not allowed on the worktop. They are just taking the piss now.

    Ah cats… As usual, this floofy cat is directly defying orders. Have you ever seen a cat that enjoys following its hoomans instructions? We sure heckin' haven't! Enjoy your nap sweet cat, you deserve it after a long day of doing nothing.

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    Cat - slowvie @SeanLovie How did my cat end up on the ceiling help-
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    Cat - James Davis Nicoll @jamesdnicoll This cat, who is not my cat, assures me I am allowed to let him into this house, also not mine and more importantly, not his either.
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    Plant - Mari U @kuns_dimples The neighbor's cat keeps trespassing to my yard so maybe it's time to keep it
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    Font - Tim Diss @timdiss @AwesomeBiota Hatfield Polytechnic Cat, 1978. Milk

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    Tire - Dr. Jen M @AwesomeBiota CAT. THERE IS A CAT IN THE LAB. A CAT. * 141

    Sound the alarm, there's a furry boy in the lab! But seriously, can you imagine how excited you'd be in that situation? Thankfully, according to @AwesomeBiota it's a botany science lab, so there's no danger that this adorable cat could hurt himself on dangerous chemicals. 

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    Vertebrate - WeRateDogs® @dog_rates This is Wesley. He's clearly trespassing. Seems rather h*ckin violent too. Weaponized forehead. 3/10 wouldn't let in tates
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    Computer - Jo Gray @Jo_c_gray Definitely won't be allowed on the furniture Definitely not in the front room (the grown ups lounge!) Definitely my husband's dog Definitely not my dog.. ..3 months in.. ST -owi Pture to Hme Dig eten Ait Sde Sho V Hel Comp e Oneldcton Click to add title TIME FOR A BREA hp
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    Product - klein da dime @kleindadime Pushing my dog in a stroller through dc how tf did I end up here

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