I Can Has Cheezburger?

Animals That Want To Wish Everyone A Happy Back To School

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    Therapy dogs waiting to welcome kids back to school

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    These good bois are standing at the ready to welcome back these high school students! In this case, the students suffered through a traumatic event, so having the trained therapy dogs there is crucial! We salute these therapy dogs for creating a safe environment for students to learn.

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    "My professor gave up getting his cat off his work during office hours."

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    We sure do want to join this adorable zoom! Despite being adorable, this cat sure is causing trouble for it's hooman professor by pawing all of his work, and while he's talking to his students too! We can't imagine it is easy to continue teaching without laughing in a scenario like this, but all the respect to the professor for continuing his lecture!

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    Good luck in school, Scamp the corgi believes in you!

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    "Preparing for another semester of school with Oswald"

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