40+ Disastrous Tattoos That Give A New Definition To The Word Ugly

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    Our Lord And Savior


    Hallelujah, Jesus has made his second coming and it's not in the form of a Cheeto or a weird piece of wood, like some opportunistic eBay sellers will have you believe. Instead, he's a hyper-realistic tattoo. You may not think this is much of a likeness, but bear in mind he's suffered for our sins — which now include things like allowing Jeff Bezos to exist, and making porn out of Animal Crossing characters. We've got to cut him some slack.

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    There Are Two Wolves Outside Of Me


    This wolf has just realized that its majestic silhouette has been forever imprinted on someone who is either weirdly into werewolf lore, or they're a straight up furry; hence the terror in its eyes.  

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    They Really Captured His Eyes

    Forehead - 2PAC

    Fun fact: the tattoo artist used that Snapchat filter that makes you look like a baby on a picture of Tupac before they got to work. Also, they got the guy who did Jesus to work on his mouth. The resemblance is uncanny.

  • 4



    Can't afford the thousands of dollars it costs to fix up janky teeth? Get some dude in a shady basement to ink some on your face and never open your mouth in public again. Simple.

  • 5

    Dinner Is Served

    Font - uncooked. rSpaghetti

    Picture the scene: you're a little kid, you're hungry and your parents refuse to feed you until mealtime. It's time to secretly raid the pantry, and the options aren't looking good — until you stumble upon an open bag of pasta, that is. Sometimes it's important to memorialize the little things, like getting indigestion from eating half a packet of raw noodles.



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    Return To Na'vi


    I mean, we all saw Avatar back in the day and we can certainly say that it is a movie. It made a lot of money, James Cameron was involved, the characters in it were blue, etcetera. Can most people actually remember the plot, though? Of course not, because it is one of the most nondescript things ever committed to film. Just don't say that to this guy, because he's likely to have a few choice words.

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    A Touching Tribute

    Sleeve - shared her first post. V • New Member • 11 minutes ago This guy I went to middle school with just proudly posted this pic of his new tattoo, with the hashtag #NeverRemember. Actually the worst tattoo subject matter I've ever seen and it's HUGE covering like half his stomach

    The guy who thought this up definitely got way too into "Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams" when it got memed to death a few years back. Also, he cried when Lil Peep died.

  • 8

    King Of The Jungle


    Not only did someone set this poor lion on fire, they decided it was a great idea to commemorate this permanently on someone's skin. Whoever is giving that thumbs up is condoning animal abuse.

  • 9

    Elon Musk Found Shaking And Crying


    Debatable what's worse here — being so much of a billionarie fanboy that you get a tattoo of his pet project, or the fact that the result looks like a deep sea creature having explosive diarrhoea.  

  • 10

    Enter Snadman


    I agree with this concept. Bedtime is always a good time.

  • 11

    Unidentified Species


    Two different stages of the transformation on an Animorphs book cover decided to break the mould and high five. Hell yeah dude, this is awesome.

  • 12

    Self = Beef

    Footwear - QUSER

    A call for world peace, a critique of capitalism, or a reference to an iconic Vine? Trick question, it's all three.

  • 13

    F**k b*tches, Get Monopoly Money

    Eye - Send a chat

    When we look back on the early 21st century, fan art is going to become one of the most important artefacts we have in decoding exactly why we insisted on being like that all of the time. Nothing says "I am successful" like simping for the love child of the Pringles Guy and Monopoly Man. Here's hoping this individual's skin gets preserved so future generations can understand this important contemporary life lesson.

  • 14

    Devil And Angle

    Joint - Ner dis Beauty

    If nothing else, it's a step up from getting each other's names tattooed. If you break up, you can just claim you're a big fan of the movie. Clever!

  • 15

    Disney's Probably Ready To Sue


    The fact that the male characters have shading and the female ones are just linework reveals this woman's internalized misogyny. No, I will not be taking questions at this time. 

  • 16

    An Infection


    Apparently this guy read one of those clickbait articles about someone who gets sepsis from unsanitary tattooing conditions and decided he wanted that recreated on his body.

  • 17

    She's Broken Because She Believed

    Joint - me fane me

    Paging r/im14andthisisdeep. Except this person is a legitimate adult who decided that this was a good idea.

  • 18

    Zombie Escape Attempt


    On the plus side, she's mistaken the rope you tied her up with for your brains. However, once she chews through all that without the sweet hit of cerebral nutrition, you're in big trouble.

  • 19

    Duality Of Man


    A series of decisions led this man to this audacious neck piece, and I'm going to hazard a guess that all of them were bad.

  • 20

    I Never Promised You A Rose Garden


    Spot the random pot leaf, adding an element of intrigue and an undoubtedly spicy backstory to this glamorous floral arrangement.

  • 21

    A Win And A Loss

    Finger - TOKYO 20

    Imagine that you work hard enough to achieve an Olympic gold medal and the tattooist is so unimpressed that they mess up the tribute. There's a moral in there somewhere.

  • 22

    You Got That Right

    Joint - for regretting no name® tattoo 00

    I wish all regrets in life were this simple, or black and white. However, I'm also kind of glad that none of them are permanently drawn on my bicep. 

  • 23

    God Dangit Bobby


    Making sure everyone you shake hands with realizes how you feel on the inside: a wholesome cartoon character melted down by the inexorable pressures of being alive.

  • 24


    Shoulder - COVER OUP

    Extra points for honesty, but also most of them get docked for clearly laboring under the delusion that this is in any way funny.

  • 25

    New Mario Kart Character Just Dropped


    Hello Butt-Head is not the banana peel thrower we asked for, but she was the one we needed.

  • 26



    There is plenty of ink out there that needs a backstory to understand the full effect of its magnificence. This is definitely one of them.

  • 27

    Are You Sure About That

    Arm - T5動价NDRTE TID,

    Props for the level of dedication and honesty, but let's be real. It's incredibly likely that if you met this guy, he would give you a tour of every single crappy tattoo he has completely unprompted. Little tip: this is not the pick up line that you think it is. 

  • 28

    A Questionable Embrace

    Hair - eeer

    Ah Gen Z. They're an age group so forward thinking that they're prepared to get ink of the kind of intimate act that would have been completely taboo ten years ago. As if that wasn't enough, it's being done by a woman. Girlboss moment!

  • 29

    Natural Born Hater

    Handwriting - Ican Forget but Icahhah forgive

    "I forget but I do NOT forgive.. I'm just walking around hating b*tches can't remember why" - @RACH4_theSTARZ, 2020

  • 30

    In Case You Didn't Already Know

    Hair - Now I don't need to tell everyone l'm vegan every 5mins

    It's 2021. Most of us have had oat milk in our coffee at some point. We do not care.

  • 31



    When they decided to do that big Playboy revamp, this is the vibe that they should have been going for. Less of this socially conscious garbage, more of Chris (Simpsons artist) drawing the centerfold. 

  • 32

    Improvise. Adapt. Overcome


    Why pay a pricey medical bill, when you could get some fresh ink to even things out?

  • 33

    How though

    Joint - Satisfied My Mother

    Grateful that you weren't a disappointment, but the choice of wording is on par with the quality of the linework. 

  • 34



    Frat boy who wants a tattoo but also wants a future in finance? Nailed it.

  • 35

    My little friend


    I'm hoping that they only use this hand for when they want to have a conversation with themselves and not… other things.

  • 36

    My favorite time of day

    Joint - Miller Time

    A great way to tell everyone about your personal schedule and your alcohol problem at the exact same time. Although to be fair, nobody needs a real watch when your life revolves around cracking open a cold one.

  • 37

    An appropriate reaction to this tattoo

    Joint - Pause Breath Resit 金醫>MY

    That person you know who always posts moody songs to their Insta story is probably contemplating a version of this as we speak. It's a slippery slope, friends.

  • 38

    There's A Metaphor Here Somewhere


    Thoughts are like eggs. They're really tasty when you fry them up like the 'This Is Your Brain On Drugs' advert.

  • 39

    The 11th Commandment


    Jesus got over the horrors of the modern world and decided it was time to shoot some hoops. Gotta respect that.

  • 40

    What's The Least Favorite

    Joint - These are by far my favorite tattoos I've done

    Pineapple on the front, child sadly pointing a gun towards you stock photo on the back. 

  • 41

    So many questions

    Hair - 7. FAST GO

    The tattoo may be subpar, but the fit goes hard and this guy knows it.


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