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    Font - lessproblematical 5 kitkatsnow Follow A the-old-homosexual-deactivated2 Can we talk about how in zombie shows/movies/books they always find a veterinarian and not a surgeon? Are veterinarians deemed more likely to survive the apocalypse? drferox Follow Yup. One of our professional skills is 'not being bitten by patients We actually have a good broad knowledge base for both surgical, medical, and GP things We're used to improvising equipment because a lot of stuff is just not made for anim

    Truly did not expect to get a whole answer when we read the question that started this thread. But, oh goodness, are we so happy that it did. The level of seriousness and though with which this answer was given just makes it… epic in our opinion. 

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    Product - beyonslayed Follow Not to sound anti vegan but what is one ecological function performed by roaches because l'm not entirely sure we need them altonzm Follow they're a part of the food chain & they help with the breaking down of forest-floor discarded foliage (cockroaches feed on fallen leaves/discarded branches and bark, and are then fed on in turn by everything from other insects to birds & small mammals) beyonslayed Follow Ain't no forest floor discarded foliage in my house tho so w

    Somehow, even knowing that they are good for forests does not make us dislike them any less than we did before. We hate them. We just do. The only good thing about them getting into our apartments is that the cats have a new fun toy to play with for a while. Which is disgusting. And also amusing. 

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    Font - count chuckula Aa Follow @charlubby imagine you're a moth and your single day of existence was spent being in lord of the rings The moth, to which Gandalf whispers, was born shortly before filming that day, and died soon after the scene was finished. 11:26 AM - 17 Oct 2018 348 Retweets 1,110 Likes Q 10 tl 348 O 1.1K 9 A short life, but a well-spent one. onion-souls Holds the record for greatest percentage of lifespan spent on screen; a true thespian
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    Photograph - A Breeder in Netherlands has been working to make the French Bulldog " healthier" breed urbanfantasyinspiration Follow My God they actually look like dogs now jlegaspi178 Lord, the changes! DO PUGS NEXT!!! histerinae Follow ACTUALLY! A breeder in Germany started to breed healthier pugs called "retro mops" and currebtly ppl are trying to get AKC and UKC to recongnize them as the new standard. heres the comparison: a jlegaspi178 Reblogging with updates! Healthy bulldogs AND healthy pu
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    Font - sike101 Follow mutuals i'd casually lay my legs over on the couch crackerjackalope Follow yknow i read this as “lay my eggs" and even despite that not making any fucking grammatical sense i was still just gonna hit reblog immediately like “yeah dude i get it sometimes we gotta lay our eggs over on the couch" 24,228 notes
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    Gesture - "Tried to take some photos of an octopus, but he grabbed the camera and took some of me instead." transparasite: tastefullyoffensive: (photos by Bill Watterson and an octopus) I think this is the best scientist photograph I have ever seen.
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    Font - 2016trashman I love when I'm studying outside and a bee is like "flower? r ua flower? I check! is laptop a flower? i check! No one here a flower... ciao!" and I wave goodbye saying thank you for visiting little bee! theanti90smovement Bees don't think in English you fools. You imbeciles. dyinanimemom The bee said 'ciao' it's obviously Italian
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    Font - petits-pois-carotide Follow Sep 2, 2021 Lefties on ketamine, rightoids on ivermectin, who knows how many more drugs Big horse is hiding from us gayestinthegroupchat Follow Sep 4, 2021 Idk about drugs but i have a hunch big horse is hiding something, Maybe soldiers, maybe greek soldiers. Idk just a thought bill-nye-official-blog Follow Sep 22, 2021 what the fuck are you on about, there is nothing inside of that horse. Let's bring it inside the city walls. It's perfectly fine Source: petits
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    Font - severalowls Follow The reason vampires go to hell and werewolves don't is that vampires just suck the juice out and waste the rest. If I saw somebody lick all the sauce off some pasta and leave the bare noodles intact l'd condemn them to eternal damnation too. greenbaconsmoothie Follow And here I thought it was because all dogs go to heaven
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    Dog - sillydicemaze One of us only tells lies and one of us only tells the truth. You may ask one question. trubografx16 who is a good boy
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    Gesture - meladoodle: what do you mean a thesaurus isnt a dinosaur Entry Roar [R Part of Speech - Noun Definition - Growt. Howt. onyms Bamage. Hell Chorgaing's this is adorable as fuck and you can't tell me otherwise Behold the mighty thesaurasaurus. 625,851 notes ThesauruS
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    Rectangle - princesstigerbelle If cats knew what sin was they wouldn't even care imlizy I don't care either fuck trigonometry

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