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Exquisite Images From A Real Life Cat Village In Taiwan

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    The Houtong Cat Village is located next to the beautiful Keelung River. It's reputation as a "cat village" truly began in 2008.


    According to Lonely Planet, "In 2008, local cat admirer Peggy Chien started posting photos of the village's efforts to look after stray cats; her pictures attracted visitors, volunteer help and more kitties. In little more than two years, Houtong, which is located 35km east of Taipei in Ruifang district, managed to reinvent itself as a complete cat village."

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    "Today, the dilapidated mining town and the 100-odd felines that roam the streets are drawing thousands of tourists during weekends."

    Window - 長兄気す242051S 高士益 丘

    According to amusing planet, "Houtong residents are cashing in on the tourist influx by opening souvenir shops and selling cat-shaped pineapple pastries. Even the footbridge leading from the station's exit across the tracks to the hillside cat village has recently been beautified and given a distinct "cat-look," complete with ears at one end and a tail at the other."

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    Tire - A Snow 喵 MPE-5598 TA血
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    Shelf - 場所禁帶外 猴硐限定HouTone 手工餅乾/巧克力Han Cookie HANDMADE HANDMADE The best
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