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Twitter Thread: Giving Bears Some Much-Needed Love

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    Vertebrate - clair without the "e" ... @nastywomanatlaw "why are you crying?" because bears sit and look at good views SENSE OF BEAUTY -many people have witnessed bears in the wild partaking in unusual behavior such as sitting still for long periods of time in one spot doing apparently nothing but staring at scenic vistas such as sunsets, lakes and mountains. There is very little explanation as to what use or purpose is in this behavior except in theorizing that the bears merely find such views

    Really? Not only do we want to hug a bear, but now, we also have to live with the knowledge that bears are wholesome and peaceful and that we could be having cuddle sessions in the sunshine together? The world is unfair, and we want to hug de bear. Boom. Rhymes are almost as good as bear hugs. 

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    Font - - Is writing Yona @Yona_Korse Replying to @nastywomanatlaw and @TheseDeadPens Chimps do it too. Bonobos have been observed to go two days out of their way while traveling just so they could stare at a magnificent waterfall for a few hours. 5:59 PM · Oct 8, 2021 · Twitter Web App 99 Retweets 6 Quote Tweets 2,141 Likes
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    Font - DC Explorer//Black Lives Matter @DC_Explorer Replying to @nastywomanatlaw New life goal: leave civilization behind, become Aesthetic Bear 5:45 PM Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Font - Sir Fox ... @DemonBob_Badman Replying to @nastywomanatlaw and @AlexandraErin You have just gorged yourself full of salmon again, what's your plan for the rest of the day? Bear: "gonna lean on this rock and watch the clouds go by while i fart." David Attenborough: "simply amazing." 6:46 PM Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

    Is this meant to be a funny tweet? Because we are taking this tweet very seriously right now. Who would not want to have this life? We know that we would. Watching the clouds all day and farting sounds like a pawnderful day to us. 

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    Photograph - violet v*lentine @forgot_piece if bears are so scary, explain this 7:23 PM Oct 8, 2021 · Twitter for iPad 25.3K Retweets 1,078 Quote Tweets 191.5K Likes
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    Plant - patience warren @payshhh Replying to @forgot_piece Would an enemy do this??? Me thinks not
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    Nature - チキン·ナギッツ BLM 1312 @YungWarcrimes Replying to @forgot piece If bear not for friendship then why they friend shaped?? Hmm? Hmmm? Hmmmm?
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    Brown bear - R.I.P.wednesdayLaRochat ... @rip wednesday Replying to @forgot piece because this 7:38 PM - Oct 8, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Dog - w ... @wOketopian Replying to @rip_wednesday and @forgot_piece Counterpoint: 9:20 PM Oct 8, 2021 Twitter for Android 20 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 2,286 Likes
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    Photograph - Justin Case @byjustinbarker ... Replying to @forgot_piece Why they fren shaped? 9:33 PM · Oct 8, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 52 Retweets 1,628 Likes
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    Photograph - Wood Blake ... @woodBlake Replying to @forgot_piece
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    Brown bear - Your Supportive Artist Bear @CryptidGrizzly ... Replying to @forgot_piece If bear vicious predator, why fuzzy and grab out for cuddles? 3:52 AM - Oct 10, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone
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    Photograph - Gee @itsgraciehurst Replying to @forgot_piece and @seductivecereal if so scary, why nose scrunch when crunch?
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    Photograph - Awkward. ... @SlothBeary Replying to @forgot piece who said they are scary? 7:32 PM · Oct 9, 2021 - Twitter for Android

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