I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Medley: Cuteness Galore, Funnies, Rescues, And Appreciation

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    "I love him so much"


    And from the look in his eye, it seems that he loves you too. These, honestly, are the moments that we live for. The moments when our cats are relaxed around us, blinking at us slowly to show their affection towards us - they're everything. Nothing beats these moments.

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    "How are you supposed to get up when this happens?"


    Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is where you stay until the end of time. Is it not possible to get up. The weight of this kitten's love for you is too great for you to lift. You must sit there until the kitten decides to venture somewhere else, and you must cherish your prison for the paradise that it is.

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    "Name suggestions one eyed cat"

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    "Sick in bed today. My cuddle nurses. Drew my leg positions for reference. Why not."

    Cat - 001A-IVY-Fo
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    "Born with two faces.."

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    "A cat in our complex. We do not know his name, but he is beautiful."

  • 7

    "what breed is this cat?"

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    "My girl Shaggy is 5 years old today! Can you wish her a nice birthday?"

    Cat - th HARY BIRTHAY
  • 9

    "Which Rosa are you today?"

    Cat - 1 3 4 9. LO 080
  • 10

    "One turns 52, the other turns 12 today."

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    "Plopped himself right in the middle of my girlfriend's art project"

  • 13

    "Just pulled this from the axel of the neighbor’s car."

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    "My perfect little boy with a dirty nose in his new box."

    Shipping box - HHIE 근
  • 15

    "pray for him. nothings wrong but he’s a lil dumb"

  • 16

    "This is Amber, she is 20 years old and still beautiful!"

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    "Don't be fooled, they're 2 years into a slap war"

  • 18

    "View of the boy from the outside"


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